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No, You only have your parents permission. Only a court of law can legally emancipate you.

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Q: Are you legally emancipated if your parents let you live with a guy and you are 17?
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Can you still live with your parents if you are emancipated?

Yes you can cos' a guy in Melbourne lives with his parents and he's 40! and anyway there's no law against it is there!?

Can a 17-year-old girl get married to a 29-year-old guy?

With permission of her parents, yes. Otherwise she has to wait until she is 18, or is legally emancipated, if possible in her state.

Can 16-year-old girl whose parents are making her life miserable move out and live with an 18-year-old guy?

Not without the parents' permission. If she becomes emancipated and isn't as immature as this question makes her sound.

Just say a girl is seventeen and she dates a guy who is twenty but her parents let her can the guy legally get in trouble?

Yes, he can.

Can your 16 year old guy friend move in with you legally if his parent hits him?

Legally he is required to live with his parents. He can get help from social services who will get the appropriate court order. I suspect they would be happy to have a family willing to take him in.

Can a 17-year-old female move from her parents' house in Tennessee and into her 22-year-old boyfriend's house in Georgia?

Not unless your legally emancipated, and get real you and this guy will be history in less than a year. finish school and go to college and if you still like him move in together.

Can a girl legally fight a guy?

Legally, yes she can, but the guy cannot harm her in anyway, back.

Moving out at age fourteen legally?

If you want to move out and be with the guy u want to then just think about ur parents and ur life.

Can a 17 year old guy let an 18 year old girl live with him?

If this 17 year old lives with parent(s) or guardian(s) then the decision is made by the 17 year old's guardian(s). Does this 17 year old live alone? Is he legally emancipated? If he is and his name is on the lease, rental agreement, etc., he can do what he wants.

Can a 18 year old guy date a 16 year old girl in New Jersey without her parents consent?

It would be dumb to get on the wrong side of the parents. Legally they can date.

What age can a female teenager legally move out of their parents home in Massachusetts?

18. It doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl the age is the same for both.

Can a 17-year-old girl and a 34-year-old guy get married without her parents' consent?

No. Legally, the girl has to wait until she is 18.

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