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Sorry, but it's awfully hard to find a parked car liable for an accident, even if illegally parked.

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Q: Are you liable when turning left into a road you hit a car that is parked on double yellow lines on your side?
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Is it your fault if you damage a car parked on double yellow lines?


A double solid yellow line means?

no passing or crossing just turning left

Can you park on a grass verge when the road has double yellow lines on it?

The yellow lines refer to parking controls on UK roads. When double yellow lines are in force, you can't. (note that double yellow lines are not always operational at all times. The restriction prevents parking on or adjacent to double yellow lines. There is no mention in the regulations about which side of the yellow lines and therefore they are effective for vehicles parked on pavements or verges. Look at the Highway code text next to the pictures of double yellow lines in the Road Markings section.

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Whose fault is it when person A backing out from his driveway and hit the car of person B that was U turning from where he parked on the curb that has double yellow line in the residential area CA?

It would be my opinion that you are both at fault. Car A should have been looking all around before backing out of a driveway. It sounds like car B made an illegal u turn and crossed double yellow lines. I would say that both of you are equally at fault. Just my opinion

What maneuvers can you do over solid - double - double yellow lines on the road?

When two parallel solid yellow lines separate lanes of traffic, the only legal maneuver you can perform is turning left into a driveway on the opposite side of the road.

Is it legal to pull from a parked position on a curb and do a you turn over a double yellow line?

No u dont need to u ve to look before turnin to the lift side.

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In most countries double yellow lines mean that you can not park in that location. This does not prevent you crossing the lines to enter the driveway of a property that is off to the side of the restricted road. However, you must ensure you are parked on the private property off the highway.

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A double yellow line means it is hazardous to pass. If you pass someone on a double yellow line you are driving recklessly.

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