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Get to your doctor so that he/she can see what's going on 40-60 days is not a regular menstrual cycle they should be able to get it regulated for you hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!

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Yes, you're likely ovulating at some point in that cycle.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days but some people's cycles are longer and that's not necessarily a problem - it means fewer days per year when you can get pregnant, but other than that no reason to think there is a problem, and they are still regular cycles. Typically you will ovulate two weeks before your period, and around a week leading up to that you should be seeing fertility signs such as fertile quality cervical mucus: clear stretchy mucus discharge.

Learn to use Fertility Awareness Method (try this page to start: which will help you determine exactly when you are ovulating and fertile, it will also help you determine if your long cycles are a problem. FAM can be used both when TTC and as a form of Birth Control too.

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Q: Are you ovulating if the duration between your periods ranges from 40 to 60 days and you have had egg-white like mucus on two separate occasions?
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