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The person would have to have a valid license, and this would be in any state. It would also be unwise to let one drive your vehicle without the proper documents. You would be in as much trouble as the other.

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Q: Are you required to add a spouse with no drivers license to your policy in North Carolina?
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What if your drivers license number brings up an auto policy you do not own?

A drivers license shouldn't pull up an auto policy.

Which states require a non-owners policy for proof of financial liability in order to get a drivers license when the person does not own a vehicle?

North Carolina

Is it common for a police officer in California to arrest you for having a revoked drivers license?

Yes. In some jurisdictions, it is required by department policy.

You bought a non owner policy in Oklahoma and have a drivers licenses your question is if you do not renew your non owner policy can Oklahoma pull your license?

You aren't required to carry insurance in Oklahoma unless you own a vehicle; your license will be safe.

How do you get insurance on your drivers license?

You can get a non-owner insurance policy that essentially covers you when you have no vehicle. This is usually needed if you are required to have insurance and you do not own a vehicle.

Can an 18 year old get a non drivers insurance just to have a license?

Typically you don't need insurance in order to have a driver's license. If however you have violations on your driving record and are required to have an insurance policy in order to keep you license you should have no problem getting a non-owners policy.

Do you need to include your non driving unlicensed spouse to your car insurance?

If your spouse has no drivers license and does not drive, then no, you don't have to include them on your auto insurance policy. Actually, they have to have a drivers license before they can be added to the policy.

Does your daughter have to surrender her drivers license before you can take her off your insurance policy?


Do teenagers have to be included in their parent's insurance policy when applying for a drivers license?


'Is it required in Maryland that you put your 18 year old child on your auto insurance policy if she still lives at home?

Absolutely if they have a drivers license. They have access to the keys, don't they?

If your daughter gets her drivers license at 16 do you have to add her to your policy?

well ya should

Can your daughter drive your car if she is not insured on your policy or any policy of her own?

Yes, as long as she has a drivers license. You are the name insured on your policy all other legal drivers are allowed to drive your vehicle as an occasional driver.

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