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Only if you want clear title to the property. If you fail to clear the lien, the property can be sold from under you. If the lien holder does not forclose you will still not be able to sell the property until the lien is satisfied. Just pay the debt, especially if it is valid. When you inherited the property, you inherited the debt.

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2011-09-12 15:30:28
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Q: Are you responsible for a lien for POA dues on property you inherited?
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Can a lien be put on property that was inherited?


If you buy property and no lien exists then a year later you get a letter stating that if you don't pay past dues from previous owners that a lien will be placed on your property are you responsible?

In general you are only responsible for your own debts but you need to get this sorted out properly so you need to see a solicitor (attorney) to get this cleared up.

What is an involuntary lien against my property?

An involuntary lien would be a judgment lien by a creditor, a lien for unpaid property taxes or income taxes, a demolition lien, a lien for unpaid common expenses or homeowners association dues or a mechanic's lien. Contrast that with a lien you granted in your property such as a mortgage which would be a voluntary lien.

Can a home owner's association foreclose on a home?

If they hold a mortgage or a lien on the property. Home owner's associations often have required dues and if they are not paid, a lien can be placed on the property.

Can a child owed support put on lien on fathers inherited property?

They can petition to put a lien on the property. All they need to do is prove to the court that the money is owed.

Can you give property away if it has a lien against it?

Yes, you can, but the new owner will then be responsible for lien. Encumbered property can be sold if the owner is willing to assume responsibility for the lien.

Can a child support lien be put on the land you inherited?

Yes. A child support lien can be attached to any property you own.Yes. A child support lien can be attached to any property you own.Yes. A child support lien can be attached to any property you own.Yes. A child support lien can be attached to any property you own.

Can an HOA collect unpaid dues from a former owner if the home was foreclosed?

If a lien for unpaid dues was recorded against the property prior to the recording of the mortgage that was foreclosed, that lien would survive against the property and would have to be paid when the property is sold. If no lien was recorded then it is likely the HOA is out of luck. The HOA could try to sue in court but the likelihood of collecting from someone who has lost their home by foreclosure is not good.

How do you file property lien in ga for delinquent hoa dues?

Read your governing documents where the authority to lien and process for establishing a lien are all written out. Work with your association's condominium-savvy attorney to file the lien and pursue collecting the debt.

Can a lien be put on a property in foreclosure for owed homeowner's dues?

If the homeowners' association has recorded covenants and/or bylaws against the home in question, and the dues required by the covenants and/or bylaws have not been paid, a lien can be filed immediately in most cases, regardless of foreclosure or sale of the property. However, to ensure that the lien paperwork is filled out correctly (and avoid thousands of dollars in attorney fees should the homeowner challenge the lien in court), the homeowners' association should hire an attorney to prepare the lien documents.

Can your condo association file a lien against you when your dues are paid to date?

A lien can only be filed after due process of law has been followed. If there is no money owed to the plaintiff, a lien against any of the defendant's property would not be valid.

Can an ex wife put a lien on her ex husband's inherited property from deceased mother?

Let me see if I've got this right... the ex-husband inherited property from his deceased mother. If the ex-wife has no claim to that property, she cannot put a lien on that property. Now if she were awarded a portion of that property in the settlement, and agreed to sell her portion to her husband, she could retain a lien on it until it was paid off, but I'm not getting the impression that's the case here. Basically, if it was never yours to begin with, you have absolutely no justification to try putting a lien on it.

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