Are you wrong about feeling insecure when your fiance looks at other women on the net?


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If a woman is feeling insecure when her mate looks at other women,(on the net or elsewhere) it is either because she is insecure about herself or she does not completely trust her mate. It is not necessarily wrong to feel that way, (the former) but when you are in a serious relationship with someone, it is each other's duty to make the other person feel special and unconditionally loved. If that is not the problem and it is an issue of mistrust, then the woman should look deeper into that. Either she was hurt in the past and can't let go and learn to trust again, or her mate is giving her reasons to not trust him.


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Not all women are. If someone is insecure about another person's past, it's that they feel that they'll never be as good-emotionally, sexually--and that they will disappoint the other person, or that the other person will wish that they were back with the ex. Sometimes they are insecure about their physical appearance in respect to the ex's looks. Not all women are insecure about a man's past and it would depend on the past. If it's just the women he has had relationships with, then SHE is the one who is insecure because she's not happy with herself or confident as she should be. Not all women are like that. Because she is scared the past will repeat in the future.

Most likely it means that the girl is shy, also a bit inexperienced and insecure. mostly happens when the two of you are new to each other.

is his kissing other girls or other guys?

Security means a feeling of safety. Insecurity is the opposite, or failing to feel safe. Insecurity is usually caused by lack of belief in yourself. An insecure person does not believe that they can succeed at things. They do not trust themselves or other people. They do not have a good feeling of self-esteem and confidence.

Yes provided your fiance has no other visa and not already in US. For marriage purpose, its important for your fiance to enter US with a fiance visa and also to get married within 90 days after entering US else she would have to return to home country.

If your friend acts like a jerk when your around other people then people will tell you that he or she is trying to impress you. This could be true, but they are saying that to make you feel better. Other reasons are that he is uncomfortable and trying to impress them or he is feeling insecure.

You are feeling insecure in your relationship with this man. Work things out now, and learn to communicate better with each other, so that you can build better trust together.

It is possible that the dream illustrates your own fear that may not necessarily reflect reality. You are feeling very insecure in your work or in some other area of your life that relates to your ability to obtain the basic necessities.

The C language is not insecure. It is the programmer that is insecure. If we write programs that do not check bounds, or do not comply with specified language specifications, or do things contrary to the published library functionality, or do other "stupid" things, then it is our fault, and not the fault of the language.

The meaning of Fiance: French for Promise. It shows that you have made a significant committment to each other, therefore are neither single or married, but have promised your intent to marriage.

The fiance of mischill mae migue is nef bantilan ortega. They really love each other soo much no matter what happen.

Do this:Take his hand, and lead him to a place to sit. Some place romantic, like the dropped tailgate of his Ford pickup, or an empty park bench (as opposed to one holding a sleeping homeless guy).Look deep and lovingly into his eyes, and tell him the following:"Because you didn't have a brother."Then ask him if he has a cute, available cousin.Seriously, you answer him truthfully, but stress to him through it all that you did pick him and that he has no reason to feel insecure.If he does have a reason to feel insecure, this is not the best time to tell him, but no other time is better, so better to just rip off the scab and hit him between the eyes with it (the sledgehammer not the scab--pardon the mixed metaphor).Only you know the answer to it. Only he knows why he is feeling insecure, and he is feeling insecure or he would never have asked. Just be honest.

Well, if they looks at you longingly they probably still has feeling for you. If they look at you madly, they are probably really mad for yalls breakup.if Sometimes they look at you when they are with other people,usually on a date, it means they still like you and are trying to make you jealous!

Insecurity is caused by your partner's own indiscretion. Most often they are guilty of doing what they have accused you of or are insecure of. If there is not honesty, trust and communication on both ends, and your beloved is insecure, it is surely the beloved's deceit and guilt that makes him/her insecure. Blame on the other is actually a big sign that the other is up to no good and accusing you of the things they are doing.

The very purpose of your Fiance visa becomes redundant. you cannot get the fiance visa any more!WHen you fill out DS 156K, there is a question saying you cannot get a fiance visa if you are already married. There are other ways like a K-3 visa, but if you are applying for a K-1, why not wait till you finish up? Why pay your lawyers thru the nose- AGAIN?

Not necessarily you should maybe communicate with your fiance and tell him what you are feeling this is probably the best way. Every human being has little things they don't tell their mate and it's not on purpose but simply because it's not consequential. As long as you are honest with each other about serious things in your life then that's what counts. Stop worrying so much!

bathing each other can be fun, give it a try

Unless the other spouse is incredibly selfish, jealous, and insecure, yes.

Feeling is how someone interacts with other people. Eg. if someone yells at me I would be sad. Sad is one of the feeling that is an popular feeling.

check out some other girls or guys and then see if you like one of them and then tell that person how you feel talk to that person and see how they feel just please don't cheat

It uasaully happens when people feel insecure about themselves.

You have a reason You're insecure You feel inadequate in other areas of your life

because they think that they are different from other because of the changes in their life...

yes if he flirts with other girls, it is to "up" his self esteem.

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