Artificial element of atomic number 99 found in the debris of hydrogen bomb in 1953?

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Who invented the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb?

Leo Szilard invented the atomic fission bomb in 1933 inLondon while crossing a street. He applied for a patent on it in1934 and was granted that patent (GB630726) in 1936, at

Why is the hydrogen bomb dependent on the atomic bomb?

A hydrogen bomb is a fusion nuclear weapon, and the "regular" atomic bomb is a fission one. Both are an example of an "atomic bomb" in the general sense. But we know what you'

How does a hydrogen bomb differ from a atom bomb?

A hydrogen bomb works by fusing hydrogen isotopes, the product weighing less than the initial hydrogen isotopes. The difference in weight is released in energy. Its the same w

What is stronger an atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

An H-Bomb is 1000 times stronger than an atomic bomb. Atomic explosions are based on splitting atoms and is a fission explosion or fission bomb. The Hydrogen bomb (also called
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Who designed the atom bomb and hydrogen bomb?

There were 2 teams that did the bulk of the development work, one at The Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton and the other at Los Alamos, NM. Thousands of scientists work