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Depends on who has custody of you. If you have permission okay but if you don't wait until you are 18. Nobody would like to start there new life on the wrong foot. Be patient.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-20 19:23:37
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Q: At 17 is it legal for you to move out with your boyfriend who is 19 without either of us getting in trouble?
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Well if you are worried about getting in trouble, you obviously know your parent won't approve of going out with him, or don't even know about him. I think that you should just talk to your boyfriend in school and when you feel the time is right, tell you parents about him. They shouldn't overreact and ban all boyfriends when you are a teenager. It's natural and they should know that. If they do, they may have had an experience during your age that they regret and they are fearful. Either way, there really is no way to see your boyfriend outside of school without getting in trouble. Your parents were your age before, they know how you think.

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If your boyfriend wants to leave your best friend to be with you again and this hurts your best friend, then hurting her is unavoidable. That is assuming you really want this person back. Without knowing the circumstances of why an exboyfriend would now be with your current best friend and without knowing why the two of you broke up to begin with then all that can be offered is support to you and assuring you that getting an exboyfriend back isn't all that you are. Be all that you are and whether it is getting back with your ex boyfriend or finding someone new, you will be happier either way. Your happiness is not contigent upon which boyfriend you have nor even having one at all. If you are unhappy, you will continue to have problems in all relationships. Be happy.

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