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developed countries in the world

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Q: At present how many developed countries are there in the world what are they?
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How many developed countries are there in the world?


How many developed countries in the world?


How many under developed countries in the world?


How many previous world cup winning countries were present at the 2002 world cup?


How many muslims are in this world and in how many countries?

More than one billion , present in nearly all countries but concentrated in about 50 Muslim countries .

How many houses have dishwashers in the world?

about 25% of houses in the world. mostly developed countries have dishwashers, such as Canada and the US.

What other term is used for developing country?

Developing countries are also known as third world countries. These countries are less industrialized than developed countries. Many countries in Africa and southern Asia are third world countries.

What country very poor in the world?

There are many poor countries in the world. Such countries are called LEDCs or Less Economically Developed Countries, like Afghanistan, Kenya, Columbia, Ghana, Syria, South Africa.....

How many countries play hockey today?

There are 127 National Governing Bodies in the world at present.

Is Sudan a third world country?

Yes, Sierra Leone is a third world country. Jawaharlal Nehru created the system of first, second, and third world countries and organized them in this manner: First world countries included Western, developed countries. Second world countries included the allies of the Soviet Union. Third world countries were neutral. The problem with this organization was that developed countries could be classified as second or third world based on their political alliance, not on their development level, and vice versa. The more correct answer would be to call Sierra Leone a less economically developed country. This emphasizes a known standard and also serves as an euphemism.

How do developed countries maintain an advantage over developed countries in international trade?

They maintain high tariffs on the agricultural goods that many developing countries export.

Why have many developing countries failed to benefit from the spread of free trade around the world...?

Developed countries continue to maintain high tariffs on the agricultural goods that developing countries export in large numbers.