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Automatic Transmission Fluid does not squeal. You have a different problem. Brakes squeal, bearings squeal, and belts squeal. Fluids do not squeal. You had better take your vehicle to a mechanic.

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Q: Automatic transmission fluid squeeling very loud?
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What do you do if the Automatic Transmission Fluid is dry and the car is running slow and loud?

You add some ATF (automatic transmission fluid) and hope your transmission isn't shot. Typical fill level is found with the vehicle in neutral and running (with parking brake on!) and the fluid is warm.

What could cause a loud whining around a 1996 Nissan Maxima motor?

need to check transmission fluid level/ or transaxle fluid level

Your mice have never made noises until last night when you heard a loud squeeling noise what does it mean?

they are enjoying intercourse.

When you shift your 1999 VW passat it makes a loud noise and jerks what could this be?

you may have to replace the transmission fluid and the screen but before that ask the technician to flush your transmission

Loud squeeling noise under the hood but then it makes the car stall what can you do?

the belt is probably loose or needs to be replaced, the pully need to be checked and tightened etc,

Why wil my transmission not change gears properly?

The most common problem with an automatic transmission has to do with the transmission fluid. If it is low, old, or burned smelling, it may cause problems that do not allow the vehicle to shift properly. A loss of transmission fluid can allow air to get into the hydraulic system causing multiple problems. A slip or jerk will usually indicate that pressure has been lost for this reason. If the vacuum hose on the modulator is clogged or disconnected, the transmission will delay shifting or might not shift at all, and you may hear a loud whining sound which increases as the car accelerates. If the cable is broken, disconnected or misadjusted, the transmission will not shift properly. If the linkage is misaligned or disconnected multiple problems may occur. With so many components and so many possible problems, it takes experts like those here at Transmission Headquarters to properly do automatic transmission repairs.

What could be causing a loud hum from the transmission of a 2005 Musting at low RPM's?

The loud hum could be caused by some of the teeth going out on the transmission or that the transmission is failing.

What is the loud squeel every time you hit the brakes?

Brakes are designed in such a way as to give off a loud squeel when they are coming to the end of their useful life. If your brakes are squeeling loudly and have been for a while it is a good idea to make plans to look at them.

The serpentime belt was replaced on my 2002 Yukon XL and now it makes this loud squeaking noise why is this?

its probably your tensioner pully that's squeeling, not expensive, if purchased at an auto parts store.

Transmission is loud what is wrong?

I believe your transmission is broken sir...Dont no wut to tell you.

What is the loud thumping noise on a 2004 z71 Tahoe when you put it in reverse?

Several malfunctioning parts on a 2004 Tahoe can cause it to make noise when put in reverse. The transmission fluid should be check to see if there are any pieces of metal in the fluid. The transmission should be taken to be properly diagnosed to avoid the need of expensive repairs.

Why 2000 cirrus LXI make loud noise under the hood?

ifs its a long loud clicking noise its the transmission solinoid pack perfectly normal this applies to a a604 transmission

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