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As with anything you do on the undercarage of autos, be sure to use jackstands and work on level ground. The castlenut needs to be backed off to free the lower part of the balljoint, and then you have to get the stem out of the seat of the nuckle. Most people use a "pickle fork" type tool that straddles the stem of the balljoint, and it is driven in to "pop" out the stem from the nuckle. This tool is like a wedge. This will most likely ruin the balljoint, as it will probally tear the rubber boot, but you said its already bad anyway. If you need to take the joint apart for some reason and not ruin it, what most pros do, is hammer on the nuckle sideways. Believe it or not a few good wacks on the nuckle will usually dislodge the stem from the nuckle with no damage to the stem. If the ball joints are of the rivited in type, you will have to use a grinder to take off the heads of the rivits. Be careful not to grind into the "A" arm. Then you can drill out the remaining rivits. Sometimes you can drive out the remaining rivit pieces with a hammer and punch, but usually it takes the drill method. The new balljoints will bolt in where the old rivits were.

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Q: Ball joints on a 82 Chevy s10 are worn how do you go about fixing it?
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Can ball joints be tighten or be replaced on a 2002 Chevy Venture?

ball joints cannot be tightened. if they re worn and have play in them, they need to be replaced

How do you repair ball joints in dodge 1500 5.2 liter?

You can't repair worn out ball joints. Replace them with new ones.

Is it possible to do a front end alignment with worn upper ball joints?

To do so would be a waste of money, replace the upper ball joints first, then have it aligned.

How do you check Ball Joints on a 98 Chevy pick up 1500 2 wheel drive?

Jack the truck up till the wheels are off the ground. Grab the tire at the top and bottom and see if it moves in and out. If it does, that means the ball joints are worn. If you do this on the sides and there is movement, it means tierods or something in the steering lickage is worn. Same procedure on any vehicle.

What suspension problem causes excessive tire wear?

Worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends and worn shocks are the main causes.

What does it mean when your car makes squeaking sound?

Dry ball joints/suspension joints. Universal joints going bad. Worn brake pad "squealers".

What causes clunking noise and squealing when turning on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

worn suspension (ie), ball joints , tie rod ends also possibly cv joint wear but most likely ball joints worn your answer here...

What causes steering wheel play on 2002 E150?

Could be worn ball joints, worn steering linkages, worn/out of adjustment steering box and or worn/out of adjustment wheel bearings.

Why is there a slight knock in the steering as you turn left in a 98 Ford F-150?

slight knock when turning can be caused by a loose wheel bearing,worn ball joints,or ball joints that need grease,can also be caused by a worn bearing in side the steering column,or worn out shock absorber.

Why does the front end of a Chevy van shake?

That depends on when it shakes. Low speed, it could be a bad tire, bent wheel... High speed, it could be a bad tire, bent wheel, out of balance wheel, worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends, worn idler arm...

What are the Symptoms of worn ball joints?

Some play in the steering, the inside or outside edge of the tire may be worn down more. Jack the wheel off the ground, grab the top and bottom edge and see if it has play in it. This means the ball joints are worn. Grabbing the sides and wiggling means the tie rods or steering linkage is worn. Front wheel drive only have a lower ball joint, the top is attached to the strut. Rear wheel drive have upper and lower ball joints and one or both may need replacing.

Do bad ball joints make your wheel shake?

Wheel shaking is caused by a balance problem, either a tire needs to be balanced, a wheel is bent or there is a problem with an axle. HOWEVER! Most vehicles can tolerate a tire/wheel that is a LITTLE out of balance provided that everything is functioning properly. Among the list of things that must be functioning properly are the ball joints. Worn ball joints make the front end loose and the vehicle does not handle properly. If you suspect worn ball joints, replace them.

What suspension problems cause tire wear?

Bad shocks, worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends - all cause tire wear.

What can cause camber to go more negative?

Worn ball joints, worn control arm bushings. The year, make and model info would help.

How do you remove lower ball joints on a vw beatle?

In the Standard Beetle the ball joints are pressed into the trailing arms. You need a special press tool to replace these. In the Super Beetle the ball joint is part of the lower control arm, you replace the arm when the ball joint is worn out.

What size tip do you use on a grease gun to grease the ball joints on a 2002 Chevy 1500?

It takes a standard Zerk fitting. If your having trouble with the Alemite fitting on the end of the grease gun, it may be worn out or just loose.

What would cause a squeaking sound when turning left or right in a 2003 F-250?

Worn ball joints?

Do ball joints make whining noise when turning steering wheel?

no it will be your power steering pump it is worn or lowe on oil

When you hit a bump front end shakes?

The problem is either worn suspension parts (e.g., tie rods, idler arm, ball joints) or worn shocks/struts.

What caused ball joint to break in half lower ball joint snaped in half?

The rubber boots aroundÊthe lower ball joints can become old and worn, cracking and allowing dirt, water, and other debris onto the lower ball joints. This causes them to wear out quickly.ÊSometimes they just wear out.

What can make a cars front wheels make a loud clunking noise when going over bumps?

worn stabilizer end link, worn stabilizer bushings, worn control arm bushings, worn strut mount, worn ball joints. Take your pick

Will worn out ball joints cause excessive tire wear?

Definitely ! - Both sides of tread will usually show erratic wear.

A shop says all ball joints must be replaced but the van drives perfect - does the shop just want money or could the ball joints really be bad?

it wouldn't be the first time. Go to another shop. Suspension ball joints must not have any wear.. it's called "0" free play.. you as a driver will not notice any difference in how your vehicle performs unless the ball joints are very badly worn.

What could be the cause of play in the steering of a 1983 El Camino?

Worn steering box Worn: tie rod ends, ball joints, drag link, idler arm, tires?

How do you tighten up the loose steering on a 1996 Z71 Chevy pick up?

Check for worn parts i.e. Steering rack (if so equipped) if not Idler arm Drag link Tie rod ends Ball joints Steering box