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Basic assumption of humanity?

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βˆ™ 2007-08-12 19:22:20

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basic assumption are something which an individual needs to assume before working in a group.its the human perception and mindset.

prakash ranjan lal

imt ghaziabad

2007-08-12 19:22:20
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Q: Basic assumption of humanity?
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What are the basic assumption about the arts?

what are the basic assumption about the arts?

What are the basic assumptions in accounting?

Economic Entity Assumption Going Concern Assumption Monetary Unit Periodicity(Time Period) Assumption

What is basic assumption of game theory?


Which basic assumption is illustrated when a firm reports financial results on an annual basis?

Periodicity assumption.

Which basic assumption may not be followed when a firm in bankruptcy reports financial results?

Going concern assumption.

A basic assumption of economics is?

A rational self-interest.

What is a basic assumption that is accepted without proof?

A postulate.

What is the basic assumption of psychology?

That we all learn by reward or punishment

What basic assumption did mercantilists hold about their colonies?

Lick a nut

Which statement best expresses a basic scientific assumption?

If a conclusion is valid, similar investigations by other scientists should result in the same conclusion.

What is the motto of Olumawu Basic Education School?

The motto of Olumawu Basic Education School is 'Service to God and Humanity'.

Basic assumptions of the art?

The basic assumptions of art is that everything can be represented and that art speaks. The other assumption is that art pays.

What are the steps in planning?

the first step in planning is to develop some basic assumption

How do basic assumptions influence your jobs?

Assumption of course comes from the word, Assume.

A basic assumption of accounting assumes that the dollar is?

The dollar is assumed to be a finite entity.

What was the basic erroneous premise of mercantilism?

Upon what do you base the assumption the premise of mercantilism is erroneous?

What is the basic assumption of all psychoanalytic theories?

Is it psychoanalytic trait, learning, humanistic, sociocultural perspectives.

Why is major and basic assumption is very important in preparation of the feasibility study?

wy is the major and basic assumptions very important in the preparation of the feasibility study?

What basic assumption is made if the number of bacteria is determined from the number of colonies?

each colony is representative of one bacterium

Basic assumption in analysis of variance?

1- observations are from normally distributed populations. 2- observations are from populations with equal variances.

How do you use assumption in sentence?

It'll take a lot of gumption to espouse that assumption. That's your assumption. That is not an assumption.

What type of ideologies influence Indonesia?

basic ideology of Indonesian is Pancasila, which is consist of five basic principle of the country, first. Beliefs in God, Humanity, Integration, Democracy, Social justice.

What is the correct definition of a principle?

A principle refers to a basic truth or assumption. In biology, it means the origin where fundamental substances or energy precede.

According to annette baier the most fundamental thing that carol gilligan was challenging in western tradition of ethics was its basic assumption of?


According to Annette Baier the most fundamental thing that carol Gilligan was challenging in the Western tradition of ethics was its basic assumption of?