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if it backfires it could be timing or else you have it flooded from trying to start it. You didn't say if the engine is carb or fuel injected. If it is carbed, let it sit for awhile to let the gas drain out of the carb. If it is fuel injected then it is probably timing. year make and model of vehic and millage

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How do you know if your car has jumped timing?

You will know if your car has jumped timing by the way it starts up. If the engine is slow and sluggish, it could be a sign of jumped timing. Also listen out for strange noises coming from the engine or if it backfires, it is likely that there has been a change in the timing sequence.

Your jeep chugs and backfires when you apply gas?

It could be your timing is off or your timing chain needs replacement.

Your car backfires when trying to start?

Sounds like the timing is off.

What is wrong with my Yamaha Warrior 350 because it backfires?

timing or carb

Engine cranks but wont start backfires through throttlebody?

Valve timing off, timing chain jump.

Carb backfires when given more gas?

Check your timing and your vacuum advance.

You used carburetor cleaner and now it backfires?

That sounds like your timing is off. Adjust it at the distributor cap with a timing light.

Why does 2001 ford focus backfires through the exhaust and won't start?

Your timing belt has probably worn out, or broken, and has jumped timing.

You have a 95 neon and it takes about 6-7 cranks to start the engine and when it starts it backfires and it wont accelerate past 20mph what do you think it is?

i would look in to having the static timing checked.(ignition timing) you may have crossed sparkplug wires or the timing is simply way off,among other things.

1986 ranger loses power then backfires at times may or may not die?

check your timing

1995 Cadillac El dorado backfires when trying to start it?

Perhaps timing chain has jumped

1990 S10 4.3 backfires through throttle body then wont start What gives?

Timing is off.

1995 Plymouth neon and it wont start when it turns over it backfires what would it be?

It has either . jumped timing

Why would a 89 Jeep Cherokee turn over but not start and changing the fuel filter didn't help but after changing the fuel pump it is slugish and backfires if it starts?

Have you checked the ignision timing. Check the firing order as well

Chev 1500 backfires?

Perhaps: Bad fuel (water in fuel or tank) Timing out of adjustment--Worn timing chain (stretched) or gears? Bad distributer?

89 vw cabriolet won't start backfires?

Possibly the timing belt has failed. Check the timing marks in orientation to #1 cylinder TDC and distributor rotor.

Car wont start it only backfires?

Check the crankshaft sensor. Also check the timing and timing belt. The backfiring indicates that the engine is firing at the wrong time.

What to do when you change the timing chain in your car and now it backfires for a 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

Well it could be that your timing might be off if it didnt backfire before,i would get the timing checked or go back to where you got it done.

Just replaged the timing belt 2001 lanos and now it starts slow like dead battery?

the engine has not been timed correctly

2003 mustang GT backfires when starts?

Timing is way off specs, or plug wires hooked up incorrectly. I would suspect the latter. Firing order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8

1995 kawaski buyou 220 backfires will not start?

Its out of time. The timing is off, check the key in the flywheel , and check to make sure the the timing chain has not jumped or slipped a tooth.

You have an 1989 Grand Am and when you try to start it it backfires out the throttle body could this be a problem with the crank position sensor or the intake charge temp sensor?

check timing belt/chain sounds like valves not timed properly, or not closing completely

My carb backfires its a quadrajet in a 1970 gto?

timing problem or crossed plug wire or even possibly a burnt valve.

What do you do if timing and distributor are set but engine still backfires 1989 Chevy 305?

maybe check for a worn CAM LOB.

Why do neon's backfire?

If any car backfires it is usually due to retarded timing, running lean or a problem in the valve train.