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Big island Hawaii?


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The big island of Hawaii is the Southernmost island in the Hawaiian chain of island. It is also twice the size of the second biggest island. It is also the newest island, if you don't count Loi'i (the one that is being formed right now). It has 5 volcanoes: Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, Kilauea, Hualalai, Kohala. If you are going to the big island, also known as Hawaii, I highly suggest going to the Hawaii volcanoes national park. It has numerous hikes, including the lava tube hike, and the kilauea iki hike, which takes you into the crater. There are two very major cities in the big island: Kona and Hilo. Kona is more touristy, and good for people who want to get a taste of the Hawaiian culture. Hilo is more in the country, and can be a little more authentic. If you go to Hawaii, you definitely don't want to miss the shave ice. think you've had shave ice back on the mainland? Well, you are wrong. It is like snow. And, they put just the right amount of syrup on it; not too much, not too little.