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Biologist who study about cell?

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mekeley who study the cell. the cell are karyote ,eurekaryote and ccythology. by cris paul c pavo

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Where does a cell biologist study?

Cell Biology.

What is a a cell biologist?

The study of cells is known as cytology, so a cell biologist is a cytologist.

What does cell biologist study?

study of cells in the body

What dose a cell biologist study?

A cell biologist study about the content and structure of the cell. how cell function to make tissues.Now days they are also involved in artificial cell culture.

What does a cell biologist study?

The biology of living cells

What are scientists called who study cells?

A cell biologist-

What does a cell bioloist do?

a cell biologist study the structure and funciton i.e. physiology of cell

Where does a cell biologist work?

A cell biologist will in most cases work in a research facility or laboratory. These are professional who study and explore the various characteristics of a cell.

What are the types of biologist are there?

There are many types of biologist. The five main sectors biologist study in are wild live, evolution, gene theory, plants, and cell theory.

One who specializes in the study of cells?

One who specializes in the study of cell is called a cell biologist or Cytologist. A cytology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of cells.

What a biologist use to study the protein molecules on the surface of a cell?

transmission electron microscope

What would a biologist use to study protein molecules on the surface of a cell?

a scanning electron microscope

What biologist would study whales?

A marine biologist or cetologist would study whales.

Which kind of biologist would study whales?

The kind of biologist that would study whales is a marine biologist. These are the experts who specialize in the study of sea creatures and habitats.

Do biologist study plants?

Yes, there are many different types of biologist one of which study plants

Definition of cell biologist?

The cell is the basic unit of life. A cell biologist is a scientist who studies the structure and functions of a cell.

What does a biologist study?

A biologist studies the interaction between life forms in an environment. a biologist could study a macaw or other life like a microorganism

What do marine biologist study?

marine biologist study oceanography so pretty much the nature of the ocean

List of biologist who study about cell?

Anton van leeuwenhoekrobert hookematthias schleidentheodor schwann

What type of microscope would a biologist use to study the protein molecules on the surface of a cell?

transmission electron microscopes

What is a cell biologist?

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What do you call people study biology?

biologist??? I think! biologist??? I think!

What does a marine biologist study?

A marine biologist studies anything that lives in the sea.

What do you have to study to become a biologist?

you have to sciene

What is the study of marsupials called?