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How do you manage a music artist?

There's a few options when looking to manage a music act/artist... First, you have to ask yourself what commitment you are willing to make for your artist. generally, if you have made it this far its either because you have one amazing independent artist you want to manage or you want to manage mult ( Full Answer )

What is blues music?

The Blues music is a musical genre which started in the late 19th century (1860s-civil war time) sung by enslaved african americans. Along with spirituals, (work songs-early blues) the blues is considered the Musical root of African Americans. They played the blues in their free time when the slaves ( Full Answer )

What is the blues music about?

The blues music began in the nineteeth century and developed throughout the southern united states,from slave work and field hollers

Who named blues music ''blues''?

There is not just one answer, but one "partial" answer is that Milk of Magnesia came in a distinctive deep blue bottle and when folks were feeling constipated, they had ... da blues..

Who was the American music artist who was credited with combining rhythm and blues with gospel music to create soul music?

Answer Billy Preston Answer Check out Sam Cooke. It's always impossible to say who in particular started a music genre, but he is often credited with this. Answer Ray Charles. Answer It wasn't an artist who came up with the idea, it was the founder of Motown record company, Berry Gordy. ( Full Answer )

Who was the first rhythm and blues artist?

Roy Brown in 1947, with "Good Rocking Tonight." It was the first "jump blues" song sung Gospel style, creating a new genre called Rhythm and Blues. Wynonie Harris did a raunchier, much more popular version later that year. Roy Brown wrote "Good Rocking Tonight." It is considered the first and earlie ( Full Answer )

Who are Famous blues artist?

Stevie ray vaughan albert Collins albert king bb king big joe turner clarence 'gatemouth' brown

How does music piracy affect the artists?

It means people are not buying their records. They are getting them copied. So maybe not a lot, but a good 25% People erroneously think that all artists make millions. When 80% of the music industry today is made up by independent artists, this is no longer the case. Every download an artist gets ( Full Answer )

What is the blues in music?

A thing that this answer is not going to most certainly is a moan orginating from the Pain.

Does a musical artist have to have education?

It depends on what you mean by "education". I suppose the short answer is no. There are plenty of musicians who attended universities and specialized colleges and received their degrees in music and did not become successful. Likewise, there are just as many who never even finished high-school nor h ( Full Answer )

Where is blues music from?

Blues music originated in America by the black slaves who had been brought over from Africa and made to work in the cotton and vegetable fields there.

3 famous blue artist?

buddy holly . chuck berry . terry green . lincoln harvey . hollie deacon . oliver hurst . miyyah gonjokiive

What is the blues music?

The blues is a type of folksong which originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century. the blues has a melancholy sound from repeated use of blues notes. The blues is also a state of depression and is the name given to both a musical form and a music genre created in the Deep S ( Full Answer )

What are the musical features of blues music?

The biggest aspect of blues music is a 1 4 5 chord progression for example C F G usually in a pattern of 2 mesures of the root followed by 2 mesures of the perfect fourth followed by two mesures of the root followed by one mesure of the perfect fifth one mesure of the perfect fourth and resolving to ( Full Answer )

What kinds of musics are in blues music?

Common blues songs are shuffles (Blues shuffle) - generally uptempo and Slow Blues (3/4 or 6/8 time signature). Hope this is what you are asking.

What was the blues music about?

The blues music was started to express the feelings of slaves who worked on the feilds or picked grain and cocoa

What music artists have diamond albums?

According to the RIAA's certification guidelines, a diamond album is one that has sold over 10 million copies in the U.S. 69 artists have received diamond certification, some for multiple albums. They are: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, Backstreet Boys, Beatles, Bee Gees, Billy Joel, Bob Ma ( Full Answer )

Famous music artists of the 1940s?

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, Etta James, Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Perry Como...

How do music artist record music?

There are many different ways that artists and musicians can record their music. Most signed or popular artists prefer to use a professional recording studio. Professional studios, in comparison to home studios, give the artist a variety of ways to create and record music. Typically pro studios have ( Full Answer )

Why is 'Blue Sky' a great artist?

Blue Sky is the legal name (formerly Warren Edward Johnson ) of an American and best known for his ,

Why do they call blues music the blues?

Blues is invented by slaves from New Orleans To make blues music was their way to express their sadness. They say that blues comes from blue, which is a sad colour. This answer is F**** wrong

What is the sound of the music in blues music?

Blues has many many different sounds, as there is a huge range of styles within the Blues genre, such as Boogie Woogie, Classic Blues, and Jump Blues. Unlike the common misconception, Blues does not have to have a "sad" or "blue" sound to it, of course it can, but it doesn't always. Boogie Woogie is ( Full Answer )

What music influenced blues music?

I'm sure there were other influences, however the main one is said to be the slave songs of African Americans while in the fields. These were sung in a style that later became 12 bar blues. Added: The African American slaves sung blues music whilst working as slaves in the fields etc. They put thei ( Full Answer )

What artists is associated with blues music?

W.C Handy wrote the first blues song "St. Louis Blues". Blues giants vary. I love Charley Patton playing behind his head that was acoustic. T-Bone Walker was one of the first electric guitarist who also played behind his head. Blind Lemon Jefferson, Memphis Minnie (who wrote 'When The Levee Breaks' ( Full Answer )

Who are the NC music artist?

Who are the NC music artist? 1- Petey Pablo 2- Little Brother 3-(Tha Venomous) G 4- Fantasia 5- Mica Swain 6- Chris Daughtry 7- Anthony Hamilton 8- Shelly B 9-Small World 10- The Avett Brothers

What is a blues artist?

Somebody who can feel the music in their soul. if you just give them a beat they can just feel the music running through their veins and they just instantly know what to play, when to play it. they are always in sync with their partner just by the mood of the song. they want to constantly improve th ( Full Answer )

How music artist record music?

They rent a studio out and start recording singing and instrumentals. Usually artists will write their music at home or maybe studio. It's a big editing and looping process.

Who are the music artists in twilight?

Supermassive Black Whole-Muse Decode-Paramore Full Moon-The Black Ghosts Leave Out All The Rest-Linkin Park Spot light(Twilight Mix)-Mutemath Go All The Way(Into the Twilight)-Perry Farrell Tremeble For My Beloved-Collective Soul I Caught Myself- Paramore Eyes On Fire-Blue Foundation Never Think-Ro ( Full Answer )

How do artists get their music on radio?

Becoming popular and gaining large fan bases that request to hear your music. Also, record labels sometime send their artists music to radio stations in hopes that they will play it.

Good metal music artists?

Metal Music is very influential in today's music scene. This is very evident is such bands as Korn, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Slipknot etc.

Who is the musical artist pink sheep music?

Pink Sheep,the openly gay rock musicians from Springfield ,Illinois area and is on their rever nation(62568)local chart for Taylor-ville ? Brett Alan Basil. Basil is according to Tim Cain of Boys' Entrance".. "One of the most talented and versatile artists I have worked with in the 3 decades as ( Full Answer )

Why are blues music called blues?

I may be completely wrong, but i looked the word "blue" in a dictionary, it says "feeling of sadness" i can relate that definition to the fact that the slaves taken from Africa were the ones who kinda created and gave birth to this genre when they chanted their songs. And most of those songs talked ( Full Answer )

Which artists sing pop music?

Some pop singers are... Justin Bieber Katy Perry Kesha Jay sean Jason Derulo Usher Hedly Marianas Trench Britney Spears Sean Kingston

What are blues artists?

They were a group of mans that were singers and they had lots of nicknames one of the nicknames was " Kokomo Arnold" but he's real name was James Arnold . Another nickname was "Barbeque Bob" but he's real name was Robert Hicks. There were also more nicknames and more real names than you can imagine ( Full Answer )

What artists music was referred to the devils music?

Through the centuries, many genres of music have been labeled "the devil's music", and many musicians have been accused of making "the devil's music". This label is usually cast by people (often musical conservatives) who simply do not want music to change. The label is also used if the music seems ( Full Answer )

Is rihanna a pop artist or blue artist?

NO,NO,NO she is not a blues artist and I hate blues and even i take offense due to that, its like saying Eminem raps "classically" AKA NO way yes she sings POP

What American music artist is credited with combining rhythym and blues with gospel music to create what is now called soul?

Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)" (Atlantic 2114) was Burke's first hit selling over a million copies, and subsequently spent 19 weeks on the R&B charts while climbing to #7, as well as crossing over into the pop top 40, reaching #24 on November 20, 1961. This song, which was "fundamental t ( Full Answer )

Which artists are famous for Kurdish music?

Kurdish music is a referral to music that is performed in Kurdish. Some of the famous Kurdish artists are Hassan Zirak, Mohammad Mamle, Aziz Shahrokh, Hassan Darzi and Mazhar Khaleqi.