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She can only be taken off the title if SHE signs the title over to him. There is no other way.

If both names are on the title, if name are separated by the word OR that means either can sign title and change the way the names read. If names are separated by the word AND then it requires both signatures to make any changes. If only in her name then she has to sign title. Also if there is a lien holder, there still making payments on it, then typically only the lien holder can authorize the name change on the title.

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Q: Boyfriend cosigned for a car his ex he is paying on it and he is no longer with her She has not made one payment and you want him to get it back She is on the title how can he get her off the title?
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The spouse cannot be held liable, however it is quite possible that the debt is no longer valid for collection. The person who cosigned the loan should find out what the SOL is in the state in which the contract was signed.

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What do i do when a mortgage account is showing up on my online banking when i only cosigned i have BOA and the loan is with a carrier through BOA I'm not the primary can escrow fix this?

You cosigned the mortgage. If the are now taking the money out of your account to pay the mortgage, it means the other people are no longer paying their mortgage. First: You should contact the other people and see if they actually are skipping payments. If they are skipping payments, then since you cosigned the mortgage the bank will take the money from your account to pay the mortgage. Second: If they are paying the mortgage, you should contact the bank and find out what is wrong. Third: No. Escrow will not fix this. Escrow serves a totally different purpose. It is a way to spread out the taxes over a year's time. 1/12 of the years taxes and insurance are put into an account.

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The foreclosure is reported under the names of the primary borrower and the co-signer. The co-signer is equally responsible for paying the loan.

Can a dealer reposses a car for not paying deferred down payment that is not in the contract?

This is not your car. The down payment enables you to have the privilege of a contract. So, pay up.

Who gets tax deduction for payment of mortgage and home equity line if deceased is no longer paying them and house passed to this person through will but deed not yet in their name?

The deductions will belong to the estate. One cannot inherit a mortgage.

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