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In 1939, the United Kingdom declared war on Nazi Germany at the beginning of World War II. Another notable British event in 1939 was the death of Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll.

Why didn't Britain and France go to war against Russia in 1939?

The pact between Hitler and Stalin to split Poland was made in secret. When the UK and France pledged to support Poland, they were doing it primarily (only?) with fighting against Germany in mind. Also, the USSR waited to invade their half of Poland until after Germany had conquered its half and the ( Full Answer )

Why didn't Britain and France do anything to help Poland when it was invaded by Germany in 1939?

There were several reasons. First, it should be noted that they did demand Germany withfraw and when she didn't they declared war, but you mean why didn't they contribute materially to Poland's defense. First of all, they weren't ready for war in September of 1939. They needed time to call up their ( Full Answer )

During 1939 what happened to Poland as a result of the invasion and how did Britain and France respond to it?

about your question "how did countries respond to the invasion of Poland is: GB and France declared war to Germany but there were no military actions on their part in the meantime, apart of some "skirmishes" on the North Sea and the Atlantic (navy actions of GB and Germany and the German invasion ( Full Answer )

If both Germany and Russia invaded Poland in 1939 why did Britain not declare war on Russia as well as Germany?

In short, since the defensive pact between Britain, France and Poland said nothing about the Soviet Union, the British and French refused to declare war against them. Read below for more context. Prior to the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, Poland, Britain and France made a defensi ( Full Answer )

Why did Britain declare war on Germany in 1939?

UK Declaring War on Germany Great Britain and Poland had a mutual aid treaty that required either country to come to the aid of the other in the event of war. When Germany invaded Poland, Britain (and the Commonwealth) was obligated to come to the aid of Poland by declaring war on Germany. Here ( Full Answer )

If Great Britain had been the fascist power invading Europe in 1939 could they have won World War 2?

I have to say that this question is quite silly, as it is the complete opposite of what really happened in WW2 history. The only Facists were the Italians and the Germans. To me this question reveals a complete lack of any understanding of the most basic facts of that period of time. I won't bother ( Full Answer )

Was there a colloquial meaning to the phrase year of grace in Britain in 1939?

This question sounded important, so I took extra time and skill to answer it. (vrom M.A. in English Studies, 20 yrs teaching English studies). The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the recognized authority in all matters historical to language. I looked for year of grace in it only to find that ( Full Answer )

What treaties were signed in 1939 for World War 2 between Germany and Italy and Japan and Britain and Poland?

Germany and japan signed the Anti-Comitern Pact 25 November 1936, against Communism. Italy joined in 1937 to make the axis powers. Germany and Italy signed a pact in 1939 May 22, the Pact of Steel.. Britain and France guarrenteed the safety of Poland after the invasion of Czechslovakia in 1939. The ( Full Answer )

Why major cities of Britain was bombed in 1939-1941?

The main reasons are: To destroy the morale of the British people. To destroy any industry that may produce war supplies to use against Germany. To overthrow Britain and to rule her army . Her army was one of the world's best, and by taking it over, it would be easy to overthrow the ( Full Answer )

Who was the president in 1939?

This depends on the country or organization. See related questions or re-ask your question. US: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States serving from to 1945 April 12 when he died of a brain tumor. He was the longest serving President of the U ( Full Answer )

How did relations between Britain and Germany change between the Munich Conference and the invasion of Poland in September 1939?

In the final year leading up to the outbreak of World War II,relations between Great Britain and Germany deterioratedsignificantly. After the Munich Conference of 1938 and the Germaninvasion of Poland in 1939, Great Britain's principal leadersfinally recognized that the aggressive intentions of Germ ( Full Answer )

How much was a 1939 dime worth in 1939?

Uh, a dime. If you're referring to purchasing power, it's a bit hard to say because so many things are so different today. A stamp cost 3¢, a newspaper was 2 or 3¢, a bus ride or a bottle of Coke was a nickel, and a record with 2 songs on it cost 25 or 35¢. But people were also paid a lo ( Full Answer )

Why did Britain go to war with Germany in September 1939 rather than September 1938?

In 1938 Britain had signed a Treaty with Germany where Germanypromised to undertake no further conquests. The conquests so farhad anyway been mostly territories that had been part of Germanyitself until 1918, and the union with Austria had broad support inAustria - Austria had even asked for that un ( Full Answer )

Why did Britain go to war over Poland in 1939?

Britain and France both had a defence agreement with Poland. When Germany attacked Poland on 1st September 1939, Britain and France both declared war on Germany two days later but their actions did absolutely nothing to help Poland.

Who was prime minister when Britain declared war on Germany in September in 1939?

The Allies of World War II were the countries officially opposed to the Axis powers during the Second World War . Within the ranks of the Allied powers, the British Empire , the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics , and the United States of America were known as "The Big Three". U.S. Pres ( Full Answer )

Could Britain have stopped the Nazis prior to the outbreak of the war in 1939?

Conventional wisdom (as it crystallized in the summer of 1940) says yes . However, those who take this view seldom agree on what Britain could have done in practical terms. There is sometimes the suggestion that a thunderous roar of disapproval from Parliament when Germany announced massive rearm ( Full Answer )

How did Britain and France try to stop German aggression 1938-1939?

Prior to world war II, Germany was taking over countries right and left. The Prime Minister of England signed a peace treaty with Hitler. France didn't do anything. The peace treaty did not work. Hitler kept eating away at the countries and land, and ever step he took, England told him "If you take ( Full Answer )

How were Britain and France drawn into war with Germany in 1939?

On 1 September 1939 Germany invaded Poland, and two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany because they had a treaty with Poland in which they had undertaken to help Poland if its independence was threatened by force. They wanted to stop Germany before it became too powerful. Polan ( Full Answer )

Roosevelt in 1939?

Theodore Roosevelt died on 6 January 1919 at the age of 60. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a distant cousin, was President in 1939.

How did Great Britain and Soviet Union each try in different ways to preserve peace in 1939?

Chamberlain attempted to appease Hitler's territorial ambitions bythe infamous summit at Munich in 1938. Stalin through Molotovsigned the pact bearing his name with Germany's Ribbentrop allowingfor the partition of Europe under pretexts of nonaggression vis-Ã-vis one another. Both attempts failed ( Full Answer )

Should Britain have gone to war in 1939?

Morally Britain had to because she had an alliance with Poland when Germany invaded. Strategically, just thinking about self-interest ....hmmm. Who can say?

What happened during World War 2 in Britain in 1939?

On 1st September 1939, German troops invaded Poland. Britain and France issued a joint declaration that unless Germany withdrew from Poland, they would declare war on Germany. There was no response from Germany so on 3rd September, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Children were evacuated ( Full Answer )

What was the US respone for the war against Germany and Britain in 1939?

President Roosevelt felt that the US should aid the allies in the war against Germany, claiming that the war was like a "neighbors home on fire" if the "neighbor" wasn't helped, then the fire would affect us. American's felt that even if the allies were losing, America should remain isolationist, du ( Full Answer )

Who was an ally of Britain in the Battle of Britain?

The Empire remained on Britain's side. Lots of Canadians were involved in the Battle of Britain. Australians and New Zealanders too. There were also quite a lot of pilots from Nazi occupied countries. Loads of Poles and Czechs. There were even several people from the neutral US and Ireland serving ( Full Answer )

Was Britain right to declare war on Germany in 1939?

In my personal opinion, Britain did the right thing by going to war against German and for them. Hitler did try to sweet talk Britain to join him because since we beat Germany in the first world war, he thought that we would be a powerful alley to the Germans. It almost worked since some people in B ( Full Answer )

How did Great Britain and France defend Poland in 1939?

Well, Russia and Germany wanted to split Poland, so France and Great Britain sent typical troops to fight the battle, this was done in the common style of the time of warfare, only Germany used special tactics which was a "Blitzkrieg". The French typically were a weak ally of Great Britain only beca ( Full Answer )

Who was the pope in 1939?

Pius XI was pope until he passed away on February 10, 1939. He wasfollowed by Pius XII who became pope on March 2 of that year.

Why did Britain issue the 1939 White Papers which state that Palestine will not become a part of Jewish state?

Britain was interested in preventing strife and warfare in the Middle East as well as making sure that they could continue to get petroleum from other Arab countries. Therefore, they kowtowed to pressure from Arabs in the Mandate of Palestine to rescind permission for Jews to immigrate to Mandatory ( Full Answer )

When Britain declared war on Germany on sept 3 1939 what did Canada do and why?

In 1939, Canada waited a week to declare war on Germany to show independence from Great Britain. When Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, Canada was automatically included as part of the "British Empire". Thanks largely to the efforts and success of Canada's troops in WWI at places like Vimy Ri ( Full Answer )

What did Britain do?

Ever? Here are some of them; - Had an Empire - Developed the English language - Invaded loads of countries like America and Australia so the British people could live there - Invented Doctor Who - ...and the Union Jack - Drunk Tea and ate biscuits

Who is britain?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (commonly known as the United Kingdom, the UK , or Britain )

How do you spell 1939?

The number 1939 is "one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine." The year would be spoken "nineteen thirty-nine."

Who was the leader of Great Britain from 1919 to 1939?

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom : David Lloyd George - 1916 to 1922 , Stanley Baldwin 1923 to 24 (then 1924 to 29 and again from 1935-37) , Ramsay MacDonald 1924 , Neville Chamberlain - May 1937 to May 1940 . See related link below .

Which event led France and Britain to declare war on Germany in 1939?

The main major event that got Britain and France involved in WWII was the invasion of Poland by the Nazis. The three countries, Britain, France, and Poland had an agreement that if any one of them was invaded the other two would attack Germany.

Why were Britain and France not able to stand up to Hitler's aggression before 1939?

It had only been 20 odd years since the last world war. Most of the people alive then knew first hand what horrors the war produced. Neither Britain or France had the stomach for another costly war. You'll note also that the Americans were vociferous about not getting drawn in to another European co ( Full Answer )

Can you explain how some individuals and groups tried to save Jewish lives from Nazi persecution in the period 1939-45 can you refer specifically in Britain and America?

yes, but this sounds like an essay question. You will find that the plans and aspirations for rescue were far greater than the actual results, or even attempts - for Britain. And that in America look to the fund raising that the American Jews did, so that they could pay others to put themselves ( Full Answer )

Who did Britain and frace invade in 1939?

Neither Britain nor France invaded any counties in 1939. It was Germany that invaded Poland, starting the Second World War with that.

Why was Britain so unprepared for War with Germany in 1939?

After WWI the British government promulgated the "Ten Year Rule" which declared, rather optimistically, that there would be no major war involving Britain for at least ten years and therefore defence spending could be cut. (This was predicated on the losses taken in WWI and a wish to not repeat them ( Full Answer )

Why did Britain and France go to war against Germany in 1939?

\n. \n. In the 1930's, Britain and France had a defence agreement with Poland which stated that if Poland was attacked, Britain and France would come to its aid. \n. On 1 September 1939, German troops invaded Poland, so on 3 September 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Was there ever a time before 1939 that Hitler was thinking about forming an alliance with Great Britain?

While it is possible that Hitler may have conceived of a Nazi-British alliance, I am dubious that such an idea would have been given a long thought. British democracy was directly antithetical to Nazi dictatorial aims. However, I could imagine a Nazi-British Non-Aggression Pact similar to the 1939 N ( Full Answer )