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Call center agent?

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it is a knowledge and enhance my skill and nourished my ability in working establishments which i gained more in any filled of works.

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What attitude does a call center agent must have?

what are the qualification of a call center agent

Why call center agent?

to enhance my skills and to experience being a call center agent

What is the possible question in call center agent?

What do you think makes you a good call center agent? What has been the most challenging part of being a call center agent for you?

Conversation between call center agent and a customer?

can i have the conversation between agent and customer in call center

What does a call center agent do?

a call center agent assist all the needs of the calling client and giving them satisfaction.

What are the characteristics of call center agent?

the good characteristics of a call center agent are honest, trustworthy, responsibly and has the ability to listen

Meaning of call center agent?

a call center agent is the person who handles incoming or outgoing customers calls for a business.

Can you give you some example of conversation between the call center agent and the customer?

A call center call would start of with the call center agent introducing themselves and asking how they could help. The customer will state the question or complaint and the call center agent will come up with a solution or answer their question.

What is the objective being a call center agent?

Here is a call center agent resume objective. To obtain a position as a call center representative that will utilize my skills in customer service.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Call Center - 2009?

The cast of The Call Center - 2009 includes: Sunita Deshpande as Call Center Agent Deepti Gupta as Tina Sanjiv Jhaveri as Bobby Dean Nina Mehta as Call Center Agent Aalap Patel as Call Center Agent Debargo Sanyal as Raj

What is the role of a call center agent?

The role of a call center agent is to answer the telephones and solve problems or send customers to a specific location within a business. A call center agent might also make some sales calls.

Why do you want to apply as a call center agent?

A call center agent works in a quiet environment with other agents. You may want to apply as a call center agent due to the ability to help callers with their problems or answer questions about products.

What is agent middlemen?

Call Center Executive

How do you contribute to our company as call center agent?

As a call center agent, you get to contribute a lot. You are the first contact with customers and get to help them with their needs instead of escalating them.

What is your idea of a call center agent?

My idea as a call center agent is a telephone department of a company where all calls in regards to queries to that company are directed.

What are the tasks of a call center agent?

A call center agent must be able to stay polite on the phone. You must work well under pressure. You must be computer literate. You must be able to handle various phone systems. A call center agent responses to the customer queries. A call center agent is the person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a business.

Who is a call center agent?

A call center agent is the individual who handles incoming or outgoing client calls for a corporate. A call center specialist might handle account inquiries, customer grievances or support concerns.

Where can one become a call center agent?

A person can become a call center agent at any retail business including Rogers, Bell, Shaw, and Telus. Call center jobs can be found on Monster and Indeed.

What is the connection between being a nurse and a call center agent?

nurse deals with patient while call center agent deals with customer so they are interrelated.

Why did you choose a call center agent than a nurse?

Because there is a better salary in the call center industry.

How you describe yourself as a call center agent?

for me call center agent is about dealing with people and how to help them with their problem or issues or to provide them the best services that your company has to offer to begin with,and as call center agent its your job to provide them in their needs and to help them in the best way that you can with courtesy and proper manners

What is a call center agent?

A customer service representative.

What is the age requirement for a call center agent?


Why is there a call center agent?

because there is a place like this

How call center agent deal with the costumer?