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Can an 18 year old with a full British driving licence drive a car in the U.S.?

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Q: Can 18 year old with British driving license drive a car in the US?
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I have international driving permit and Texas Instruction permit can I drive in Texas with out a license?

yes but for a only a year after you have entered US. After a year you cant drive , you need to get a Texas driving license.

Can a 17 year old drive to school and work on a permit in ga?

no, if you're 17 you can get your license without having your permit. but if you don't have your license.... no driving by yourself!

What happens when you drive a car with no licenses?

If you never had a license you will get a non licensed driver ticket. You may lose your license if and when you get it for 6 months, pay a fine as much as 500.00 dollars. If you get a driving on revoked license or suspended license you may be arrested and/or ticketed. Fines range from $250.00 to $1000.00, loss of license for 6 months to a year, and possible jail sentence up to a year. Those are in the state of New Jersey. If you need to drive, drive the speed limit wear your seat belt and drive the shortest distance. Happy Driving

Would and 18 year old with a revoked driving license have to be covered on the family?

If your licence has been revoked - you are not allowed to drive - PERIOD !

How long is your driving license stamped for after been caught drunk driving in Republic of Ireland?

You will have your license revoked for 1 year.

Can a 15-year-old with a permit drive?

No, when you turn 16 you must be with an adult while driving. You may get your license 6 months after drivers ed.

Can a seventeen year old seeking an au pair position use her US drivers license for a job there as the legal driving age is eighteen in France?

The legal age to drive is 18 in France. There are no exceptions and a 17-year old from the US cannot drive legally here. Add the fact that only some, but not all US driving licenses entitle you to drive in France (that depends of the state having issued the license).

What are the penalties for driving on a revoked license in Massachussett?

The penalties for driving on a revoked license in Massachusetts include losing your license for up to one year as well as fines of about $500.

Is expired drivers license the same as unlicensed driver?

No because the person with the expired license is still perfectly capable of driving a car safely, whereas if a driver does not have a license it could be a 5 year old trying to drive a four by four.

Can a 19 year old married woman drive with her licensed 19 year old husband and baby in the car in the state of GA?

Not if she does not have a license. All drivers are required to have a license. If she does have a license, she can drive with them in the car.

Does a person have to wait a year after he gets the drivers license before driving?

As soon as you get your drivers license, you can drive! Some states have provisions for drivers under 18 such as you cannot drive after 11pm or you can only have 1 non-relative in the car at a time. Check with your state's DMV to see if there are "junior license" restrictions. But no you don't have to wait even a second after you get your license.

Can a 16 year old get a drivers license to get back and forth to school if they have only had a learners permit for 10 months?

Legally, you only have to have your permit for 4 months before you can get your license. So right now, the 16 year old can get their license and drive wherever they want within the new driving laws.

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