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Yes, Adderall can cause depression in children as well as adults. If you read the label on the bottle, one of the rare but serious side effect of Adderall is depression. If you think you are depressed because of Adderall, tell your doctor and he will change your prescription.

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Q: Can Adderall cause depression in children?
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Can you take Zoloft and Adderall together?

the very simple answer is yes, I do it all the time and my depression is completely under control. however if you abuse adderall on a regular basis, like weeks on end then the comedown off of it can cause depression, but since you are already on an antidepressant it will counter act some of the depression, and I speaking from experience.

Can quitting Adderall lead to depression?

I take Adderall, and i quit it on a regular basis. One of the symptoms of Adderall is actually depression. and every time I quit, I was happy, until something bad came about.

Can Adderall make you sterile?

Adderall is not known to cause sterility.

Are there any withdrawal symptoms from Adderall?

Amphetamines, including Adderall, can cause withdrawal symptoms in people who stop taking them too quickly. However, Adderall withdrawal is more likely to happen when people take higher doses of Adderall than recommended. People who take Adderall as prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose do not usually have withdrawal symptoms when stopping Adderall. Some withdrawal symptoms of Adderall can include extreme fatigue, depression, and changes in heart rhythm.

Can you stay up for a long time on Adderall?

Can adderall cause you not to sleep

Does Adderall cause cancer?


Can bipolar mania along with adderall cause theft?

Yes. Bipolar Mania along with Adderall can cause theft.

Is Wellbutrin the same kind of drug as Adderall?

No. Adderall is used for the treatment of ADHD and Wellbutrin is used in the treatment for depression or Bipolar Disorder.

How does obesity affect people emotionally?

Obesity can cause depression in children as well as adults.

Will adderall cause you to test positive on a drug test?

It will cause you to test positive on a drug test which is testing for adderall or amphetamines.

Can Hypocalcemia cause depression?

Hypocalcemia can cause depression

Can Adderall cause vertigo?


Can Adderall cause liver disease?


What are withdrawal symptoms from Adderall?

There are only 3 different withdrawal symptoms when stopping Adderall. You may be extremely tired, have depression, and have heart rhythm changes.

Does music cause depression?

Music can't actually cause depression, seeing as depression is a medical disease, but it can cause a person to BE depressed.

Your 7yr old is on 30Mg Adderall is this to much?

I am not a doctor but, personally speaking, I would not place a seven year old on Adderall at all nonetheless at 30 mg. per day. Adderall presents significant cardiovascular risks to both adults and children and, according to the FDA, though rare, it can cause sudden death in children. Additionally, if she is on 30 mg. now, what is she going to do for the rest of her life after she has reached the maximum Adderall dose and it has stopped working.

Can Adderall cause paranoia?

Definently, yes

Is Bupropion XL and adderall okay to take together?

Amphetamine (addreall) is not contraindicated with Bupriopion (Wellbutrin). For example, some psychiatrists may treat ADHD with Adderall and concurrent depression with Bupropion. Occasionally, Adderall or other stimulants may be used by psychiatrists to treat refractory depression (depression that doesn't respond well to first-line treatments). Adderall for depression is an off-label use. Anyways, Adderall and Bupropion XL are not contraindicated by each other. However, this warning applies: "Adderall + Bupropion XL: Caution Advised. Combo may incease risk of seizures (additive effects)." If you have any pesonal or family history of seizures, be sure to discuss this with your prescribing physician. If there are separate physicians prescribing the Adderall and Bupropion, make sure they are both aware you are on both medications. Follow the advice of your physicians and pharmacists

Can depression cause a stroke?

Depression is a risk factor for stroke but depression does not cause stroke per se.

Can i be treated for depression and anxiety if i take adderall?

One of the possible side effects of Adderall (an amphetamine) is anxiety. This should be taken into account by your physician when prescribing other drugs.

Is it okay to mix benzo and Adderall?

Yes, it is OK to take a benzodiazapine with Adderall. Indeed, Adderall can cause tics which benzodiazapines may be prescribed by your doctor to combat.

If you take 40 mg of adderall and 60 mg adderall xr daily when should you take your 150mg Wellbutrin XL?

unless you have depression, i dont think that the wellbutrin is needed. i got put on adderall xr and wellbutrin at first but they counteracted eachother. adderall should do the jobalone

Why does psychiatrist precribe Adderall an Xanax together?

Because Adderall is presdcribed for the treatment of ADHD, depression, and narcolepsy. If you have either of these(or similar diseases) you will be prescribed Adderall. Xanax is prescribed for people with anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy. So if you were for example a patient with ADHD and anxiety you may be prescribed Xanax and Adderall.

Does caffeine negate the effects of Adderall?

Caffeine may cause hyperactivity with adderall but it will increase attention. It may also cause panic attacks and increases ones chance of stroke. The medication guide for adderall says to avoid caffeine.