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no because the Hindu man worships Hindu gods and Muslim women worship the one god Allah so they might have fight of what religon is better so it better if Muslim women marry Muslim men and Hindu men marry Hindu women that for no fight


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Is madhuri dixit Muslim?

No but she supports and respects the muslim religon. She is a hindu

What is Hindus religon?

the Hindu religon, is a religon. it is very cool and sexy!

How many religion came on world?

there are probaly four most popular religon in the world hindu muslim christian and budha

Can a married Hindu man marry with Muslim women without divorcing his first wife?

No Muslim man or woman can marry a Hindu man or woman.

What are the similarities between Hinduism Sikhism and Islam?

Sikhism is a completely differnet religon. guru nanak said "i am neither Hindu nor Muslim".

Can Hindu boy marry Muslim woman as per Hindu rituals without changing religion of woman?

No, because the Muslim woman should not marry a non-Muslim man. If the woman does marry a Hindu, the marriage would not be legal according to the religion's law.

Is shahrukh khan a Muslim or Hindu?

Was a Muslim, converted to Hindu when married to his wife.chlidrens are Hindu. He did that because is wife is Hindu and he loves her a lot that is why he converted

Can a Muslim boy marry a Hindu girl without creating much scene in a place like India?

In Islam , a muslim is not allowed to marry a hindu girl , but a muslim can marry Ahle Kitab i.e. a christian or jewish girl .

Is shaheer sheikh a Hindu?

he is not an hindu, he is a muslim

Is bohemia Hindu?

Bohemia is not a Hindu. He is a Muslim.

Is mahesh bhatt a Muslim?

He was born to a Hindu father and a muslim mother. He is a Hindu-Muslim, mostly being raised by his mother.

Is sanaya irani Hindu?

she isn't a Hindu she is atypical Hindu + Muslim

Is hema malini a Hindu or a Muslim?

She was born in Tamil speaking Brahman family. She is a Hindu not a Muslim.

How can a Muslim married man marry a Hindu girl without divorce to Muslim wife and without informing first wife?

muslim man can't marry without telling his wives and they have the choice to stay with him or not Muslim man can marry muslim woman or woman belive in god ex: christian or Jewish .

Hindu boy love Muslim girl?

The Hindu is asked to become Muslim. Muslim girl is not allowed to marry him unless he converts.

Is it possible to go to mecca to perform haj to a Muslim girl who got married to a Hindu but still a Muslim?

NO!! if you get married to a Hindu and if you are a MUSLIM WOMAN, you are NOT A MUSLIM ANYMORE!!

What shariyat a Muslim girl has to follow if she want to marry a Hindu boy?

The marriage between a Muslim girl & a Hindu guy is forbidden whatever is the creed of that Muslim girl. She can be married to that Hindu guy only if he becomes a Muslim.

What do Hindu live like?

i suppose you mean 'whats kind of lifestyle a Hindu lives?'.A Hindu person is like any ordinary person ,doing the same things a person from any religon would do. Just like a devoted Christian ,Muslim ,Jew...Hindus are also closely attached to their beliefs and culture which gets reflected in their day to day lives.Their religon also sets a code which they cannot break otherwise it will be deemed as a sin.For egs.just as a Muslim or Jew is forbidden to eat pork since they consider it unholy , a Hindu cannot eat beef since they consider the cow to be holy.

What is Hindu or Muslim?

Hindu is a person who follows Hinduism religion and Muslim is a one who follows Islam religion.

Is aishwarya rai a closet Muslim?

No she is a Hindu and not a Muslim.

What is shahid Kapoor 's religion?

Shahid Kapoor's dad is a Hindu (Pankaj Kapoor) and his mom is a Muslim (Neelima Azim).SO he is a half Muslim half Hindu. Hindu-Muslim

Are rubina dilaik's parents muslim?

Hindu. Because Avinash Sachdev is a hindu and she is engaged with him so if her parents are muslim then she would be muslim and avinash sachdev would not be engaged with her so therefore Hindu

Can a Hindu woman marry a Muslim man according Hindu rituals?

No. A Muslim can not marry a Hindu - under any circumstances - until the Hindu renounces their belief and becomes a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian (those who believe in the One God of Abraham).No

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