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Yes, that is not a problem just pretend you are using fresh water in the pool after all the chlorinator puts chlorine in the pool and if the chlorinator is not working the salt will stil make the water feel better.

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Q: Can I chlorinate the salt water in my pool after my chlorinator died?
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How do you chlorinate your pool with a sand filter?

You don't . You chlorinate the pool with chlorine . You filter the water with a sand filter.

What is a fresh water swimming pool?

A fresh water swimming pool is a swimming pool that does not use a saltwater chlorinator. A pool that used a salt water chlorinator has salt added to it to so that a salt water chlorinator can electronically convert part of the salt into chlorine. A fresh water pool has chlorine added to it directly either manually or Automatically.

How do you easily chlorinate a pool without an automatic chlorinator so that it can last a week?

Raise the chlorine level to 3.0, then add some chlorine sticks or tablets to the skimmer basket.

Apart from Salt and a Pump what else do you need to run a salt pool?

You need a salt water chlorinator. A salt water chlorinator is an electronic devise that converts the salt in the water from the pool into chlorine gas that is then absorbed into the water.

When filling your pool with fresh water do you need to shock it or just chlorinate it?

shock it

How do you make a pool uncludy?

Test the water, then adjust your Ph to about 7.2. Then chlorinate.

What is better and anodizer or salt chlorinator in a pool?

= salt chlorinator =

How do you chlorinate while on vacation?

You have a pool person come in or put in a floating pool cleaner with a timer set each day to chlorinate the pool.

How do you use chlorinate in a sentence?

I will not use the swimming pool today until after you chlorinate it.

Does salt water pool dry skin like chlorine pool?

Yes if you are using a chlorinator. salt is sodium chloride and the chlorinator converts it to sodium hypo-chloride which is chlorine.

What happens when you over chlorinate your swimming pool?

You are doing a thorough job of sanitizing the water

Can you use salt and chlorine in your pool?

Yes as a mater of fact that is what salt water pool normally is. With a salt water pool there is a electronic salt water chlorinator installed that uses the salt in the water to create chlorine. However if you don't have a salt water chlorinator and prefer the feeling of a salt water pool then there is no reason not to add salt to the pool as well as keeping up the chlorine yourself.

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