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Search Google, and download Sharepod or iDump. These are free and will transfer music from an iPod to a computer.

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How do you transfer a new playlist from iTunes to iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to your authorised computer, sync your iPhone with your computer and ensure that the sync music is ticked on the phones information for syncing on the screen.

How can you get music on an iPhone?

Yes, in the same way you get music on your iPod - simply import or download songs into iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer and it will, unless otherwise specified, begin syncing between your iPhone and your computer.

Can you download an iTunes song on your iPhone without plugging it into a computer?

You can download iTunes songs on an iPhone without plugging it into the computer. You can download the iTunes on the iPhone.

How do you add iTunes to an iPhone?

If you are referring to the iTunes Wi-Fi Store application, the iPhone automatically installs the app with the Software Update to version 1.1.2. This update can be installed by syncing your iPhone with a connected computer and selecting "update" in iTunes.No need to add iTunes to iPhoneiTunes does not need to be added. Music can be played by the iPhone without adding any programs, you simply need to create a playlist on your computer (using iTunes) and set your iPhone to sync with that playlist.Get a computer download i tunes onto it then sync your phone

How do you upload music from your ipod into your iTunes?

Because the iPod remembers what computer you Sync with, syncing with another computer will erase everything and add all the songs. If you buy a song on your iPod Touch or iPhone, you can move it to your computer, but only the one that you Synced with last. Syncing with a different computer will delete everything off the iPod.

How do I jailbreak my iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.1 without a computer?

It is not possible to jailbreak your iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.1 without a computer.

What to do when the apps dont sync to your iPhone?

well it depends if you're getting the apps from the appstore or on your computer, if you are syncing from your iphone then u should try to sync from your computer and if that doesnt work then maybe take it back to the store and ask the experts...hope it helped!

Why is the iPhone such a popular phone?

With the many varieties of Smart Phones available to the public, without question, the iPhone is one of the most popular. This is because the iPhone is considerably user friendly when it comes to syncing music, games, and resource applications.

How do you retrieve deleted photo on a iPhone 3G?

All photos, except ones shot on the iPhone before syncing with your computer, can be restored by resyncing with your computer. if your files, photos, texts, or other items have been deleted then you may be able to use iRecovery stick from smoxe.

What is the best smartphone to sync with a Mac?

The iPhone because Apple's software for syncing, which is iTunes, is native to the Mac and is able to manage your syncing smoothly and easily.

How can I sync and back up a second iPhone on my computer without the information from the second iPhone affecting the first iPhone?

you have to create a second user on your computer to sign in and out with you can do this with windows or mac

How do you transfer photos from old phone to computer to iPhone?

1. Transfer old photos from phone to computer in a folder. 2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes. 3. On the "Photos" tab in the iPhone device page in iTunes, select sync Photos. 4. Now select the folder which contains the images. 5. Sync your iPhone. That's all and after syncing you'll find your photos in the photos app on your iPhone.

How do you fix iPhone stuck on restore without computer?

Then just buy a computer,and how are you on answers without using the Internet then huh.

How do you play roblox without a computer?

You have to play on an IPhone, IPod Touch, or a IPad if you don't have a computer.

HoW to download a song in iPhone without a computer?

Your iTunes application on your phone

How does one eliminate the mixing up of contact information when syncing contacts from Facebook Google plus and iPhone?

To eliminate the mixing up of contact information when syncing contacts from Facebook and Google Plus for iPhone is only synchronizing contact information with contacts.

How do you sync your iPhone 4S to your computer?

When you connect it to your computer and open iTunes then click on sync if your handset does not do it automatically. In the latest version of the operating software, the handset no longer requires to be connected to a computer for back up and syncing. Go into the settings and ensure that the backup and sync is active.

Can you download music onto an iPhone without using a computer?

Yes, you can use the iTunes app on the iPhone to download music.

Can youcharge the iPhone without a charger?

Yes, via USB connected to a computer.

How do you play Minecraft on computer without down loading?

do it in the internet or iphone and ipads

How do you transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Windows laptop?

A direct way to transfer iPhone contacts to your PC would be to use a 3rd party program such as FonePaw iOS Transfer or CopyTrans Contacts (link provided below).You can also use iTunes and transfer your iPhone contacts by syncing your iPhone with the Sync with Option in the iTunes Info tab set to Windows Contacts. However by syncing your iPhone with iTunes you are risking your iPhone multimedia tracks deleted by iTunes.

How can you upgrade to iOS 5 if you don't have a computer?

You will need to use the iStore on a friends computer or pop in to an Apple store or IPhone reseller

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