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Most used cars are sold 'As Is' - In those instances you take the good with the bad, no matter how bad 'bad' gets. Used cars are exactly that ... used ... and used means things can and will go wrong.

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How do you fix your Honda Odyssey electrical problems?


Is it against the law for a dealer to sell a car with transmission problems?

Not if they say that they are selling it "as is" or if they say that it has transmission problems.

Where is drug dealer alpo?

He doing his time for obviously doing the multiple crimes

Where to go if Brand New Toyota Camry have numerous problem?

Dealer first, then Toyota Corp and then court. Make sure that you have very serious grounds for complains. There are numerous cases won by people because of problems with their new cars.

What is the highest hosting amount when you are doing a auto dealer web design with multiple picture?

The highest hosting amount when you are doing a auto dealer web design with multiple picture is about 30 GB. You can read more information at

If the car has problems that the dealer cannot or will not resolve can you just release it back to the dealer if they haven't received a payment?

Yes i will release the car back to the dealer even if i did made a first payment. Sandile

What is the theme of 99 problems by Jay-Z?

Life as a drug dealer

How long do you have to return a car to the dealer in Oregon?

Once a car is purchased you can not return it to the dealer in Oregon. However if the car has serious mechanical defects it may be returned under the Lemon Law

How do you return a used car back to the dealer that has problems?

there is no way to. Sorry as is buyer beware.

What are after sales?

Is any kind of assistance does the vehicle manufacturer provided to a franchised dealer Is to give them information about the cars and products they want to give to the franchised dealer to sell them on, also to assist any problems they have which a car from the franchised dealer.

Fuel and temp gauge on ford e250 not working why?

Please visit the dealer to get these problems fixed.

I have problems with front and back stabiliser of my range rover sport hsc?

If you have problems with the front and back stabilizer of your Range Rover, take it to an accredited dealer to fix it for you.

What do all the dash board lights represent on a 2000 Saturn?

You are in serious need of an Owner's manual. Sources are Dealer, Salvage yard, Ebay, and many online sourses. Search Google with the term, "Automobile Owner's Manual".You are in serious need of an Owner's manual. Sources are Dealer, Salvage yard, Ebay, and many online sourses. Search Google with the term, "Automobile Owner's Manual".

Problems with drivers seat belt?

Check with your dealer. Seems to me that there was a recall or service bulletin on the driver's seat belt.

What should you do if after a month the certified used car that you bought from a dealer is having engine problems?

give the car in the service

What can be done about being overcharged 1000 for a used vehicle from a dealer in PA This vehicle was having several problems unfixed by dealer by his mechanic.?

You can speak with an attorney regarding possibly suing a used car dealer in PA. If you were overcharged and the vehicle is having issues, you might be out of luck if you purchased it 'as is.'

Signed contract for new car in New Jersey car never left lot It was suppose to be a trade. I have my old car and the new car is still at the dealership?

well did you contact your dealer about that or did he notice you about some problems or maybe is on hold some problems go see your dealer about that problem and tolk about it

What do all the warning lights on a Lexus mean?

You are in serious need of an owner's manual. Sources are, Dealer, Salvage Yard, Ebay, and many online sources.

Can you return a used car to a dealer within 3 days in South Carolina if you're already experiencing electrical problems?


Can you return a vehicle within 7 days if problems occur with vehicle?

Most of the time you can. It really just depends on the dealer.

Can you buy a car and turn around and lease it?

you can for a private seller but if you buy multiple car's and lease them it would be illegal unless you have a dealer license.

Are airbag light problems common on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

This airbag issue is part of a recall by Mazda. You should contact your dealer.

What type of automatic transmission fluid does a 91Mercedes Benz 190e use?

The dealer told me Dextron II for my 91, I used it and have had no problems.

If you buy a car on Friday there are problems with the car the dealer try to avoid repairing can you return the car on wed?

Most states have a "no-cooling off" period for vehicle purchases. This applies whether problems occur or not.

What transmission fluid used in 2004 Nissan quest?

This is a 'dealer only' item. You must go to the Nissan dealer and purchase Nissan 4 Matic-D fluid. Otherwise you can end up with much larger transmission problems