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Q: Can I use a blue color butane in ST Dupont Gatsby lighter?
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What can be used to refill a lighter?

First you need to identify which type of fuel cartridge you need. You can determine this by looking inside the cap you screwed off to expose the fill valve. The inside of the cap will be color coded red, gold, blue, or green. Use a Dupont refill cartridge of the corresponding color. You can refuel a Dupont lighter using a steady hand and a regular butane cannister, but I don't recommend it. I broke the valve on one of mine that way after successfully refueling it for over a year. I was traveling a lot, and had a hard time finding Dupont fuel cartridges, so I got in the practice of using whatever butane I could find. Don't do this. Even if you've got practice at it, you'll probably break your lighter eventually and they're expensive to fix. There are metal screw-in adapters available, which will work just fine, too. Again, these are coded as to the type of lighter indicated by the color under the fill cap. So, once you have either a metal adapter or a Dupont cartridge that fits your lighter, remove the fill cap, lightly press down on the valve stem to release any remaining gas and air which may have leaked in, and then firmly screw in either the gas cartridge or the adapter. If you're using a gas cartridge, simply let it sit until the cartridge is visibly empty, and then quickly unscrew the cartridge. The cartridges are single use, and your lighter is now refueled. If you're using an adapter, use a butane can with a cone shaped plastic sleeve over the valve stem, and press firmly against the hole in the adapter. Fill until butane begins to leak around plastic sleeve, remove the butane can and quickly unscrew the adapter. Some people recommend freezing the lighter first, by placing it in the freezer for several minutes. The theory is that a cold lighter will allow a larger amount of fuel in before the pressure balances against the remainders in the cartridge. I haven't found this to actually give any benefit. If more fuel is successfully transferred to the lighter this way, it's a very small amount and doesn't make a significant difference. When refueling, it's also a good time to check your flint. Running a flint too short can result in pushing the flint ram against the striker and cutting a groove in the flint ram. It'll still work after you've damaged the ram in that way, but it's a preventable bit of damage and really annoying should you accidentally do so.

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