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Can Penicillin affect your period?

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It shouldn't but your infection/illness could cause it to be late/early.

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Does penicillin affect birth control?

Penicillin does not affect birth control.

Does penicillin affect the contraceptive implant?

Penicillin does not affect the contraceptive implant.

Can penicillin stop your period?


Does penicillin affect the IUD?

There are no known drug interactions between penicillin and the hormonal or copper IUD. Antibiotics do not affect IUDs.

Can penicillin affect pregnancy tests?


Can you take penicillin if you are on methadone?

Yes, there is no problem and methadone doesn't affect penicillin metabolism.

Does penicillin affect NuvaRing?

There are no known drug interactions between penicillin and Nuva Ring.There are no known drug interactions between penicillin and Nuva Ring.

Does metronidazole affect the birth control pill?

does metronidazole affect the contraceptive injection? im on penicillin the same time aswell but my health clinic said penicillin doesnt affect the injection? is this right? :/

Could takin penicillin make you miss a period?

No but if you are on birth control and took penicillin and had intercourse you could be pregnant. Some antibiotics affect the birth control pill and therefore you could get pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test or see your doctor.

Does penicillin affect the birth control patch?

There are no known drug interactions between penicillin and the birth control patch.

If you are allergic to penicillin should you kiss a person taking penicillin?

This is a question for your doctor, but don't see how it could affect you.

How does penicillin affect a bacterial cell?

Penicillin affects a bacterial cell by interfering with the construction and repair of a bacterial cell wall.

Is penicillin for diabetics?

Penicillin (and most antibiotics) can be taken by diabetics. They generally suffer from bigger infection, but if penicillin is the required antibiotic for a specific infection, diabete won't affect its effectiveness.

How does Alexander Fleming affect your lives today?

He discovered Penicillin.

Can you take plan b Tylenol 3 and lisinopril and penicillin?

Tylenol 3, lisinopril, and penicillin do not affect the levonorgestrel morning after pill.

Is penicillin allergy hereditary?

Yes, a penicillin allergy can be hereditary. If one or both of your parents are allergic to penicillin, your chances of being allergic are higher. Often though, penicillin allergies are just caused by exposure over a long period of time.

Does a daily dose of penicillin affect the number of bacteria in an experiment?


Does liquid penicillin go bad if refrigerated?

All penicillin will go bad after a period of time, but it is actually better to keep liquid penicillin refrigerated. It is a good idea to check the expiration date on your penicillin, and dispose of it when it expires. Penicillin that has gone bad will not help you, and you should be careful with medications that are past their date.

Can penicillin mixed with ibuprofen delay your period?

no, but penicillin mixed with birth control can inactivate the birth control pill and result in pregnancy. Use a condom.

Can gonorrhea treatment affect your period?

Gonorrhea treatment will not affect your period.

How does height affect the period of a pendulum?

Height does not affect the period of a pendulum.

Can a nursing goat have penicillin?

Yes but remember that the withholding period then applies to the kids that she is nursing.

Can you smoke weed and take penicillin?

yeah, they shouldn't affect each other in anyway.

Is penicillin good for a cold?

No, antibiotics have no affect on viruses. Antibiotics are for treating bacterial infections.

Can the leep procedure affect your period?

The LEEP procedure would not affect your period.