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The body style changed in 1998, so 98-02 will interchange.

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How do you install 1998 Pontiac Bonneville taillights?

On the other side of the tail lights, inside the trunk fastened with plastic nobs, pull back trunk trim panel.

What does a 2015 Pontiac firebird have in it?

There is no 2015 Pontiac Firebird or any other Pontiac. The last Pontiac Firebird was made in 2002. Pontiac is a defunct brand that has not been produced since 2010.

What did Pontiac do about his anger?

pontiac gathered his tribe and other tribes and attacked the colonists

Will taillights from a 1998 Pontiac Firebird fit in a 1994?

from 97 till 2002 will fit 93-2002 all use the same size. 93 were basic, 94-97 basic or hatched, 98-2002 had additionally the honeycomb. They ALL fit each other Firebird, Formula, and TA.

What are the advantages of having LEDs for bicycle taillights?

LEDs use much less energy than other alternatives.

What could be the problem if the taillights don't work but all other lights do?

On most vehivles the live feed for the taillights brances from a connection in the back of the trunk. It is probably a poor connection or damp in this junction. If the whole cluster isn's working it is probably a poor earth.

What other models use same engine as a 1995 Chevy Cavalier?

Pontiac Sunbird Pontiac Sunbird

Does a Pontiac vibe have the same wiring setup as a Pontiac G5?

Not even close ones a Toyota the other is gm

What was Pontiac?

He was an Indian that persuaded other to move west.

How do you remove the trunk lining in order to access the taillights in a 2003 Audi A4?

I have no experience with this, but from reading answers about other tailight questions on this site, you don't have to remove the trunk lining.The round snap outs on the left and right on the inside of the trunk will provide access to the taillights. I have a 2002 A6, but there shouldn't be much difference.

Why don't the taillights come on when all the other lights are on?

Check your fuses. One is probably blown out. If that is the case you might check the trailer light hookup if you have one.

Where could one buy a Pontiac commercial vehicle?

There are lots of places where someone can purchase a Pontiac commercial vehicle. It is always good to check out Craigslist, or the Pontiac website. Other places include; Cars, and Autotrader.

What would cause taillights and front marker lights to not work when fuses are good and all other lights work on a 97 Tahoe?

I'm thinkin' the headlight switch is at fault.

Where is the Fuel pump reset on a 1990 ford mustang?

I believe that is in the trunk area / hatch area , just on the other side of the taillights , behind an oval shaped rubber plug

Why won't my taillights work but my brake light and turn signal will?

because your tail light works off of other side of a 2 way bulb.change bulb and will fix problem

Do Pontiac dealers service only Pontiac brand?

Not necessarily. Many Pontiac dealerships are teamed up with other large brand names. Some of these brands may include Buick and GMC. So even though the range of cars that can be serviced at a Pontiac dealership is small, it is not solely restricted to the Pontiac make of car. You can also try giving your local Pontiac dealer a call and see what their specifications are on this subject.

Where did Pontiac die?

OK, See Pontiac died while trading furs he got murdered by other native American tribes so he didn't die in war.

Where can I purchase a shark fin for my Pontiac Grand Prix?

The best place to look is Its a great place to find any parts from pontiac, or any other manufactuar.

How did Pontiac plan to defend native Americans from british settlers?

Pontiac wanted to join Native American groups to fightBritish. In the spring of 1763,Pontiac put together an alliance. He attacked the British fort at Detroit while other war parties captured most of the other British outposts in Great Lakes region.

Where can one buy cheap Pontiac SUVs?

Cheap Pontiac SUVs can be purchased secondhand from the dealership direct and also from eBay and Gumtree online and in store from other dealerships such as AutoTrader.

Your taillights and brake lights come when you turn your lghts on?

Check the bulbs they are double filamented and filaments may be touching each other causing a backfeeding situation through the stop light circuit.

Why are both my dashboard and taillights out on my 1994 pathfinder?

Did you check all the fuses? Other things would be a wiring harness connector becoming unseated or dirty, all the bulbs are burnt out or a wire is cut.

Where in St. Louis mo can you buy fog lights for a 2000 Pontiac firebird?

check the Pontiac dealership and order a pair for a trans am if all other types won't fit.

Can you trade rims from a Pontiac g6 with a tiburon?

No, Pontiac G6 rims will not fit on a Hyundai Tiburon. Other Hyundai and some Kia, Mitsubishi and Volvos use that pattern with a 67.1 hub bore.

What would cause a misfire on a 05 Pontiac grand prix?

you might wanna chage the plugs and wires. what other symptoms does the car have. i am having the same problem in my 2003 pontiac grand prix gt

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