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Will taillights from a 1998 Pontiac Firebird fit in a 1994?


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from 97 till 2002 will fit

93-2002 all use the same size. 93 were basic, 94-97 basic or hatched, 98-2002 had additionally the honeycomb. They ALL fit each other Firebird, Formula, and TA.


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yes all 4th generation(1993-2002) firebird parts should fit in other 4th gen firebirds

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The instrument clusters are wired completely different and it is a task beyond belief to change out the prongs on the wiring and get it right.

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Under the glove box on the right side. It fits vertically along the rear of the glove box.

Under the hood right by the light housing there should be a knob that you can turn manually to open the headlights

The 3.8 v-6 with a 5 speed manual tranny puts out around 210 stock

The PVC valve on a 1998 firebird is on the passenger side. It is on the valve cover about halfway between front and back.

the 1998 firebird was first built in 1998

Bad plug wires, there was a recall on the 1998 Firebird 3.8L. GM would only replace each one as they failed. The check engine light should come on, check with ODB II which should indicate the cylinder or cylinders no. that have bad wires.

Yes it will fit, They are exactly the same body style

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