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Can a 14-year-old choose to move in with her father in Michigan?


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No, minor children are not allowed to make the decision as to which parent they choose to reside with. A judge makes the decision based on what is in the best interest of said child, not on the preference of a parent or child.


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A minor cannot move out in Michigan. They can only move out when they reach 18.

yes. To Port Huron, Michigan when he was 7, his father worked there as a dealer of lumber and grain.

In Michigan you can move out only if you have permission from your parents. Otherwise, you will have to wait until you are 18.

Yes there is a position for a pediatrician in Michigan and you don't have to move out of the state of Michigan

She will have to abide by the divorce decree and custody orders of the state in which the divorce was granted. She can move back, but the ex-husband (and the children's father) may dispute being separated from his children and take you to court to prevent it.

If you are 16 years old and the court has given the entire custody to your mother who is living in Michigan, the father who lives in Florida can not take you there unless he has the permission of the court to do so.

The legal age for a child to move out without parental consent in Michigan is 18. You can move out earlier if you are legally emancipated. At the age of 17, in Michigan, a person can be prosecuted as an adult in a court of law.

The age of majority in Michigan is 18. Until then you have to reside where your parents say.

At the age of 17 a child can move out of their parents home in Michigan. There is nothing the police can do to help you as a parent to bring your child home.

In Michigan they can if the parents give you permission. Otherwise you have to wait until you are an adult at 18.

Only with the parents consent. You can not choose until you are 18.

No, you do not have to but most people choose to. After freshmen year many people move into homes or apartments around campus but plenty choose to live in dorms again. Some people who live close enough even commute.

Yes you can with parental consent.

If there's a court order, it'd need to be followed. Most court ordered custody will explain about parents moving out of state. If there's no custody order, I'd consider putting one in place before moving. The father could file a custody case in MI, if you leave and he doesn't like it.

They can if they have been emancipated. Michigan does allow a 16-year-old to petition the court for emancipation. But be aware that Michigan

When you turn 17 in Michigan, you can not really do much of anything. When a person turns 18 in Michigan they can quit school and move out of their parents home.

Get your parent's permission to move out. Otherwise you have to wait until you are 18.

You need parental consent to move until you are 18.

well sometimes i would choose that rout but my father abandoned me so i choos to stay with my mother for moral support and over the years my mother has grown to hate him so i would choose going with your mother just to be there you know what i am sayin

At age 21. that would be the most mature age and legal age to move in Michigan.

Seventeen is not the same as 18. Michigan law says the parents are responsible for the minor.

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