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Can a 14-year-old get a job in Rhode Island?

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Well, a 14 year-old can work in the movie theatre in warwick or the other one in warwick, you have to be 14. I found out

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What job opportunities were there in Rhode Island when it was a colony?

Rhode Island offered a wide variety of job opportunities such as; lumber/ shipbuilding, agricultural farming, fishing, rum production, as well as dairy farming.

Why was Rhode island called rhode island?

Rhode Island is named after a greek island

How do you spell rhode island?

Rhode IslandThe US state is Rhode Island.

What is Rhode Island state bird?

Rhode Island state bird is the Rhode Island Red.

Where is The University of Rhode Island located?

The University of Rhode Island is located in the state of Rhode Island.

Why was Rhode Island named?

Rhode Island was named Rhode Island because it is a island made up mostly of roads

Did Anne Hutchinson found Rhode Island?

No, she did not found Rhode Island. She founded Providence, a city in Rhode Island. Roger Williams founded Rhode Island.

What is your State Bird of Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Red Chicken is the state bird of Rhode Island.

What is the official name of Rhode Island?

The official name of Rhode Island is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations"

What oceans surround Rhode Island?

There's only one ocean and it doesn't surround Rhode Island. Rhode Island is not actually an island. The Atlantic Ocean touches Rhode Island.

Does Rhode Island have mountains?

there are no mountains in Rhode island

What is the state for Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is a state.

What is the capital or Rhode Island?

Providence, Rhode Island .

Delegate from Rhode Island?

delegate from rhode island

Animals in Rhode Island?

there are animals in rhode island

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