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No. Placement in a foster home is a court ordered mandate. If you were to leave and live with your parent, you could subject them to legal action. What you can do is have you parent petition the court for custody or you yourself petition the court to be heard.

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Q: Can a 15 year old leave foster home to move with real parent?
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In Oklahoma how old do you have to be to leave home?

To be able to move out ("leave home") from your parent's home in Oklahoma (without them being able to call the police or stop you legally) you must be eighteen.

Can a15 year old move out of his foster parent house?

Not until you are emancipated.

Can a foster parent move to a new state with their foster child?

Foster children are generally placed through the state they reside in. Foster parents are certified through the state. So, no, unless there is a court ruling allowing the move, it is not legal to move to another state with a foster child.

Can a 17 yr old leave Missouri and move to Arkansas and it be legal?

No, legally you cannot move out at 17. So regardless of which state you are in it would be illegal. The authorities could return you home or place you in a foster home.

Can a 17 year old leave home without parent consent?

Until you are 18 you will need parental consent if you want to move out.

Can a 16 year old leave home and move in with another family member legally?

Only with parental permission or a court order can a 16 year old move out of the parent or guardian's home legally.

Can you move out of your custodial parent's home and move in to your non custodial parent's home at age 16?

Depends on where you live but generally you have to be 18 to decide.

Can a parent move out and leave a 17 year old in Maryland?

If that is what the parent wants, they can do so. The parent can decide where the minor lives.

Can a 16-year-old leave their parent's home and live with another adult in New York?

Only if the minor's parents consent to the move.

Can an 18-year-old who has not graduated from high school be asked to leave their parent's home in California?

yes, 18 means adult, move out

Is Minnesota a state where a 17 year old can legally leave home without parent consent?

No, it is not a state where you can move out at 17. There are no states that allow that.

How old before a child can leave foster care and move back with its parents?


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