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Can a 16-year-old get her own apartment if she has a job and supports herself?

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No. Minors are not allowed to enter into legal contracts.

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Where can a 16yearold girl find a job in Wolverhampton Willenhall area West midlands?

Subway in woverhampton town. or hair salons

Where can one find information on apartment jobs?

To find information and apartment job listings, one should visit the local job centre. Alternatively, try the local newspaper listings, or webpages such as 'Apartment Jobs'.

What is apt. mean on a job application?

"Apt." on a job application stands for "apartment." If you live in an apartment, put in the number or floor there (such as Apt. 1 or 2nd Floor). If you don't live in an apartment, leave it blank.

What is the job of the wrist?

Supports the hand and fingers

Can i rent an apartment even though i don't have a job?


How do you get a job as an apartment maintenance man?

keep looking

What is an advantage to find a job that supports your interests?

It will interest you!

What are the release dates for Apartment 157 - 2011 Get a Job 1-1?

Apartment 157 - 2011 Get a Job 1-1 was released on: USA: 7 February 2011

Is my apartment rental unit tax deductible?

No, you can not deduct taxes for an apartment rental. Even if you had to get a new apartment to be closer to a new job, travel and expenses are tax deductible, but not housing.

What is the meaning of the phrase do for a living?

The phrase 'do for a living' is a term for a person's job; the job or profession that supports their life.

How do you get money on sims 2 apartment living?

Get a job with the newpaper or computer

Can a 15-year-old that has a job get her own apartment?


Can you get out an apartment lease if you lose your job?

I lost my job and can not afford the rent any longer. Is there any way I can get out of my lease?

Can you break your current apartment lease if you get fired from your job?

No. You job has nothing to do with your landlord. They might agree to let you out, though.

Where can one find a job as an apartment manager?

In addition to applying with property management firms for a job as an apartment manager, there are several online options available as well to assist one in finding a job. These include Indeed, Career Builder, Monster, and Simply Hired.

What is a clerical supervisor?

someone who supports a professional job.. not completely sure.

What job does a filament do on a plant?

It is very oblivious, it supports the anther ( dispersal)

What is the Exposition in the Westing Game?

when they tell the heirs name , their apartment number, and what their job is.

Do you have to have a job to rent an apartment?

Of course: apartment complexes will not rent to you unless you have a job AND your income must be at least three times the amount of your rent. Now, the most notable exception to this rule is to tenants with section 8 vouchers.

Im 23 years old and your mom kicked you out what should you do?

Find a job and an apartment.

If you get emancipated how much money will you need for schooling an apartment and food?

As much as your job pays you.

Does ali fedowski still work for Facebook?

She left her job and apartment to become the bachelorette

Can you rent an apartment on unemployment benefits?

Technically, you could pay for an apartment with unemployment benefits. However, if you are unemployed, and trying to rent an apartment, it will be very difficult for you to get approved without having a job. The apartment owners want to make sure that you have a steady income to be able to pay your rent, so they may not want to rent an apartment to someone who is unemployed.

What cities offer apartment finders on their websites?

Unfortunately it is not the cities job to provide apartment finders so it does vary. You can however visit apartmentfinders for a list that they have compiled of cities and apartments.

What does it mean when you apply for a apartment and they call your job?

they want to know if you are secure in your job and dependable there. that sort of equates to being dependable and able to pay the rent.

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