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Yes, she may leave home and NO you can't do anything by law in Ontario.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old girl leave home and is there anything a parent can do to stop her by law in Ontario?
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A guy at school likes me I tell him to leave me alone and I am in a relationship and he stalks me and will not leave me alone What do I do?

You should tell a parent first of all. And then take it from there. I would suggest also letting the school know, however, you MUST tell a parent before anything.

Can a child be taken out of the home if one of two parents are on drugs In this situation the sober parent doesnt want to leave?

I'm not a lawyer or anything, but I think that it depends on what the situation is. Like if the sober parent is taking good care of the kid and the drug parent isn't abusing the kid or anything I don't think they can be removed.

Does a parent have a right to keep a 17 yr old from moving out in Missouri?

No... In the state of mo...,you can freely leave and your parents cant do anything....

Im going to be 18 in December can you leave?

I'm not sure what you mean by "can you leave?" but if you mean can you legally leave your house... then yes at 18 you are considered an adult and your parent's can't do anything if you decide to pack up and go somewhere else.

At what age in Ontario Canada can a child choose to leave home?

In Canada, the age that a child/youth can leave home varies from province to province. In Ontario a youth can leave home, without parental permission, at the age of 16.

Can the parent leave the state with the child?

The other parent can file an injunction to stop it.

Should a son be named in a will?

In the vast majority of cases, a son is named in his parent's Will. A son can be specifically excluded, however, when there were problems within the family and the parent doesn't want to leave anything more than a token to the son.

In Ontario how to get a stress leave?

In Ontario one is able to get a stress leave with a doctors prescription. It is a lot like medical leave and if one has benefits it permits a person to receive pay while absent from work.

What is the consequence for a parent to leave the country with a child without permision of the other parent?

The parent would be charged with kidnapping.

Is there anything a parent can do when a 17 year old decides to leave the house?

No, At 17 your child is old enough to make his own dessicions. I think, depending on the country

Can a 16 year old move from parents house in Saskatchewan to Ontario legally?

Not unless you have been emancipated, if you have not , you will be considered a run-away, if you leave without your parent's consent, this will cause all kinds of unhappiness, so it is better to talk it over, your parent(s) are still responsible for you until you are 18.

Can a parent leave the country with children without consent from other parent?

There are many factors involved. In most cases the authorities will not allow a minor to leave the country without permission of the other parent.

Where is Justin Bieber leave?

He Lives In Startford,Ontario,Canada !

Can a parent move out and leave a 17 year old in Maryland?

If that is what the parent wants, they can do so. The parent can decide where the minor lives.

What is the legal age in g Ga in which a child can leave the custodial parent for the non custodial parent?

18 if there is no legal agreement between parents or a court order. anything younger than 18 requires one or both.

How do you handle difficult parent?

leave them alone.

If you leave one parent and go live with the other can you get your things from the other parent?

depends on the other parent and the one your going to live with

Can a 16 year old in Ontario leave home to stay with her boyfriend?

In Ontario, yes a 16 yr old can move out on their own.

How do you catch stick bug in Ontario?

you dont, you just leave them alone!

Do you have to leave a sibling anything in your will?

No, you do not have to leave them anything. There is no requirement for a sibling to receive any portion of an estate. The will can leave anything to anyone once the debts are cleared. Consult a probate attorney for drafting a will.

Can you and your kids leave the state of GA once you get divorced you have joint custody?

No. You cannot do anything to interfere with the other parent's access to your children. You need to petition the court for permission to relocate.

Can the primary parent leave the state with child and not tell the other parent?

As in relocating, not without the permission of the court.

How do you separate parent tamagotahi from baby?

You cannot separate it, but if you wait until midnight the parent will leave its baby.

What is legal age to leave home in Ill?

you can get parent permision at 16, but you can leave when you want at 18

How can you legally get a parent to leave you alone?

By crying as loud as you can?