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The minimum age of majority in the U.S. is 18, therefore a 16-year old would not be eligible to move from parental custody without their permission. However, authorities rarely interfere in circumstances that involve a minor moving into a relative's home unless the parents object or there are mitigating circumstances. If the environment was considered unsafe or unsuitable some action would probably be initiated on the part of social services. Or if the minor did not adhere to certain requirements such as the state's compulsory education law. Not unless the court gives the aunt legal custody.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old leave home and live with an aunt?
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Can a 14 year old go live with her aunt because she doesn't want to live home even without her mothers permission?

Not normally you have to be 18 or older to leave home without your parent/parents permission.

You live in Arkansas and you feel threatened how can you leave home?

i live in Arkansas and 16years old pregnant and feel thretened how can i leave home

How can you move out of your mother's house at age 16 in Texas?

Go live with a relative. I did this when I was that old. I went to live my aunt and uncle in Calif and graduated from high school there. * If you leave home without parental permission or being emancipated, then your parents can report you as a runaway and have you returned home. You can go live with a relative IF your parents agree to allow it.

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Can a 17 year old leave home and live with another family?

Not sure about where you live, to know the laws. In the state of Georgia, you are legal to leave home at the age of 17, and free to live where you want to.

Can i leave my home if im 17 and i live in nc?

You can leave your home if you are 17 and live in NC depending on the reason for leaving and where you are going to live. If you are going to live with a family member, you can often do this without a judgment from the court system.

If I'm 17 can I leave a verbally abusive home if I have some where else I could live?

In most States you are a minor until you are 18. However, you can go to Child Aid and report the abuse and suggest to them you would prefer to live with either your grandparents or a relative such as an aunt.

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Can you leave home at seventeen if you have parental consent?

Certainly, you can live anywhere your parents will allow you to live.

Can a thirteen year old leave home an live a grandparent?

No, it's the parents that decide where you have to live.

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What happens if you live home at legal age and don't want to return?

You probably mean 'leave home' i.e depart from home, rather than 'live at home' i.e. stay at home.

At what age can a child leave home and live on their own in Missouri?


When can you leave home i am 15?

It depends on what state you live in and your state laws.

Can you leave home to live with others in Michigan when you are 16 without consent?


Can you leave home at 16 and live with your aunt?

it nothing whong with that i look at it like this you got a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on. Not unless your parents are in agreement with it or there is court approval. If you simply leave and Aunt takes you in, she could be facing charges for doing so. The exact charges would depend on the laws of your state, but some possible ones are contributing to the delinquency of a minor, harboring a runaway, custodial interference, etc.

I'm 17 and I live in Chicago can I leave home without my parensts permission?

no you need to be 18 to live home without parents permission

Would you go to jail if you leave the house of your parents to go live with your aunt and uncle in another state?

You would be a runaway. Most likely will the police bring you back but not put you in jail. Your uncle and aunt will go to jail though for kidnapping since they do not have your parents consent to have you live with them. You can not decide where to live until you are 18.

Umm can a girl leave home at the age of 17 in Canada to live with a friend?

In Canada, prior to the age of 18 you can only leave home with the consent of your parents.

You 17 and you have problems at home you live in Florida and the person you wana live with is in NC its your aunt what would be the worst thing to happend if you go to her?

There is no law against leaving home to live with another family member, but there is no way of telling how your parents will react.

Can a 17-year-old leave home and legally live in the state of Kansas?

No, a 17 year old teenager can not legally leave home in the state of Kansas. When the teen turns 18, they may leave the parents home.

Can you leave home at 16 in Canada?

Yes, though it depends on what province you live in.

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Can a 17yrold leave home on their own and move out of the state of michigan and live in california?

They cannot legally leave home until they reach the age of 18. Or if they have their parents' permission.

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