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No, the parents are legally and financially responsible for the minor until the intervention of state social services or the court of jurisdiction rules otherwise. If the parent do not wish to involve a state agency on behalf of the minor, they must follow the proper legal procedure to place the minor child in a suitable environment, this includes living facility, food, clothing, medical care, educational expenses and so forth. Parent(s) CANNOT arbitrarily force a minor child to leave the family home w/o being subject to criminal charges. Each individual's situation differs and must be addressed in a manner that will resolve the issue as equitably as possible. If the minor wishes assistance on his/her own behalf they may contact the Department of Family Services or Child Protective Services in their county of residence. National Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-448-4463, National Youth Emergency Services (Toll-free) 1-800-899-5437. A web site staffed by teens to aid teens in various situations is http://www,, confidentiality is respected and adhered to. Please be advised telephone and internet usage is subject to being monitored. p Therefore it would be advisable to use caution and safety measures to insure privacy.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old male leave home if his parents tell him to leave?
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What is the legal age a male can leave home in the state of Oklahoma?

The age of majority, which is 18 in Oklahoma. Until then the parents are responsible.

If you are 17 year old male and you move in with your 16 year old fiances parents home can your parents make you come back home in NY?

Of course they can make you come back. Getting a girl pregnant does not give you the right to leave home against your parents wishes.

Is it legal for a 16 years old male to leave home in nys?

Only if you have parental consent, But I don't know of too many parents who will do that.

Can a 16-year-old male leave home without his parents permission?

{| |- | No he cannot. Until they reach the age of majority, they live where their parents wish. In most states that is the age of 18. |}

Who was unable to leave home without a male relative Athens?

anthenian woman could not leave home without a male relitive I remember this because in class our teacher gave us an example and i was the girl who couldent leave home

In New Jersey Can a 17-year-old male leave home to live with his girlfriend without his parents' consent but with his girlfriend's parents' consent to move in with her?

No, he needs parental consent until he is 18.

In Alabama can a 18 year old male leave home without permission and not go to jail?

In Alabama, an 18 year old male cannot leave home without permission and not go to jail. One has to be at least 19 years old to leave home without permission.

Who could not leave home without a male relative?

chris edwards

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Is it safe to put both parents in with new born gerbils?

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What is the legal age for a male to leave home in Mississippi?

Without parental consent it's 18.

How home economics beneficial to both male and female child an interdisciplinary course?

It is not. It is beneficial for the parents.

If you male is 17 almost 18 in 3 month if his parents kicked him out and he lived in a good home for 3 months and his parents try to force him to come back does he have to?

If the parents report him as a runaway, the police can return him to his home. Or put him in a detention center.

How long does a male dog leave home when female dog in heat?

until the female has giving birth

At what age can a female leave home in Colorado?

The state's legal age of majority for both male and female is 18.

If the female is 19 and living at home and male 22 and in the military can she leave home to be with him?

YES!! people once you've hit 18 youre good to go.

Can you legally leave home at 17 in the state of Georgia to move in with a 20 yr old male?

No, you can not leave home at 17 to move in with a 20 year old male.Because, the 20 year old could go to jail for being 3 years older than the 17 year old.

Can a 18yr old male leave home without permission in Alabama?

I am sorry to say this but yes they can. they are an adult at that age.

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