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Can a 16 year old in Texas choose to live with his single father if remarried mom has custody?

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yes once your 16 or older you can make your own choice but you have to confirm it with the court first

2006-07-19 05:42:02
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Q: Can a 16 year old in Texas choose to live with his single father if remarried mom has custody?
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Can a single unstable lesbian keep custody of the child when the father is remarried with a stable home life?

It's likely the father will take the child. Being lesbian is irrelevant. being single and lesbian doesnt make you UNSTABLE... as remarried doesnt make you STABLE!...

Who gets custody if the unmarried single mother dies and father is not named on birth certificate?

The father gets custody once proof of paternity is established

What rights to custody does a noncustodial parent have when there is no custody agreement?

Single father has none. Married father is equal to that of the mother, but in application, unenforceable. see links

When single parents join the military can they give custody of their chlid to their parents instead of the father?

They can, but the father can challenge it in court.

Can a single mother who is in the military get custody of her child when the father is a civilian?

Of course. Same general custody rules apply for a parent if in the military or not.

You are in Jacksonville Florida will you have sole custody if you leave your babies father?

Only if a single mother.

Can the single father take away the child from the mother's living place without the court order?

Yes, unless there is a custody agreement in order. Neither mother or father has custody legally.

How can you get residential custody of child as a single father?

A single father, what does that mean? Are you divorced, ever married to the mother of your child, or is the child adopted by you, or is the mother dead or out of the picture? If your question is "How does a Father obtain residential custody after a divorce or in a paternity case", then I can answer this question. Let me know what your grounds for custody are. What is it about the mother or other parent that makes it harmful for the child to remain in their care?

If the mother is an illegal immagrant and can not work in the US can the father who is a USC get 100 percent custody of the child but also allow mother visitation right?

First off, a single mother, regardless of status, has sole custody. The father has no assumed parental right, so he will be starting from scratch. Can he get custody? There's no more guarantee in this than for any single father. see link

If a single mom decides to move out of state with her daughter and there is no custody established with the father is it illegal or does the mom need to get permission from the father?

It is illegal.

Who has custody rights minor birth mom or legal adult birth father?

Single mother has sole control and custody, regardless of age, at the time of the birth. Father has a child support obligation, only.

If mother has sole custody never married father can husband get custody of step child before mother dies?

Depends if it is a single trailer or a double-wide

Do you have custody if children live with you?

Depends on the circumstances. If you are a single father, without court orders, the mother still has sole custody and control. If married, you have possession, however if you file for child support, you have a presumption of custody.

Would a single father be considered to be unencumbered?

A single father would not be considered to be unencumbered unless his children were totally taken care for by his ex-wife. If he had custody of the children, he would be considered encumbered.

Does a unwed mother have custody of a child if the father is on birth certificate?

Only if unmarried to the father. Single mothers have sole custody in 49 states by default. This is regardless of whether she's living with the father or not. yes but if theres no legal paperwork then its whoever is holding the child

You are 16 and a single parent. will they after the father for child support?

Yes, and hopefully he will go for Bid Nest Custody.

If a single mother dies and the father does not have custody who gets the children?

I live in PA and I am the noncustodial parent. My attorney told me that if my ex-husband dies, I would get immediate custody of my children.

Can a single parent from the UK immigrate with her child to the US legally?

A single mother can as the US does not generally honor foreign father custody orders. Only Cuba does.

Can a single unstable mother who has all different women in and out of her and this child's life to the point that this child is so confused she is only 9 keep custody of the child when the father is?

Yes, she can. If the father doesn't like it, he can petition the court to modify the custody agreement.

I just found out that I am the biological father of a child in state's custody how do I get custody?

If you're a single father, you have no assumed rights to the child until paternity has been established by a court of jurisdiction. As such that will need to be your first step. Then, if the child is in the custody of the state you can petition for custody to be transferred to you. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in family law who can review your situation and explain your options.

Does the father in a custody case have a better chance if he is married and the mother is not?

No, he has the same rights as single fathers, none until granted them.

How old does a child have to be in the state of minnesota for a single father to get some custody rights?

Any age. see links below

If a single mum died who would get custody of the kids?

Her family until a court rules otherwise. Even if she's living with father.

Can single mother leave custody of child to another family member in her will if father is not on birth certificate even if paternity is proved?


Can godparents receive custody if parents family is still alive?

In the event of the death of a divorced/single mother, she can Will the child to them, but the father can challenge.