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It depends on 2 things. If your place of employment cares about you going to school, and if your school does everything in its power to make sure you attend class. I highly advise you go to school because California is not a good place to live for uneducated people. Get a degree and move out of this state.

AnswerI don't really fully understand the question. But if you are thinking about dropping out of highschool to work DONT!!! I am 20 years old and I dropped out at 17 which was my 11th grade year and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.I still to this day regret it and I am still debating on whether to get my G.E.D or go back to highschool.I just think that there is nothing worth dropping out anymore. And if I misunderstood the question I am sorry.
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Q: Can a 17-year-old boy not go to school and work full time in California just because he thinks school would be a waste of time?
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