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Can a 17-year-old get an auto loan if a parent or guardian cosigns?

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It depends on what state you are in. Call the bank or credit union your family deals with. Ask a loan officer if they will allow you to sign as primary with your parents as co-signers. Good Luck.

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If someone cosigns on an auto loan and you want to sell the car before it is paid off does the cosigner need to be a part of the sale?

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Can a 16-year-old get an auto loan if they have a parent who will cosign for them?

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Do you have to tell your auto insurance when your teenager gets a permit?

While your teen is learning to drive, be sure to inform your auto insurance company that you have a "permitted driver" (meaning they have their permit, but not their license) in your household. This means that your permitted driver will be allowed to drive a vehicle listed for your household, as long as a parent or guardian is in the passenger seat. Your policy will not be financially impacted until he or she becomes a licensed driver, so make sure he or she has been added to your policy.

How old do you have to be to have your own car insurance?

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Can parents be sued for liability for a child on their auto insurance policy while a child is not living with parent?

Yes, If still a minor the legal guardian (usually the parents) can be sued under parental liability statutes.Yes, if the child was driving the parents vehicle at the time of the accident.No, If your daughter is over 18 or otherwise emancipated by law and not driving the parents vehicle.

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Who covers a child's car insurance with shared custody?

Either parent could provide insurance for a child under their auto insurance policy. Alternatively, the child could obtain their own auto insurance policy if either parent is willing to countersign sign the insurance application with the child. As far as liability causation the parent who facilitated the acquisition of the automobile wold have the greater responsibility for resulting damage and liabilities.

Can a custodial parent with joint legal custody sue someone the child was in an auto accident with when the father does not agree?

Yes. There is nothing that prohibits someone suing on behalf of their minor child without the consent of the other parent.

Insure Your Young Drivers in Memphis?

One of the responsibilities of having a young driver in the family is to make sure he or she has adequate auto insurance. A family has several things to consider when it comes to acquiring auto insurance for a young driver in Memphis.A parent should talk to the family's auto insurance agent to see what sort of money-saving deal could be worked out by adding a young driver to the policy. In order to have the business of the entire family, an insurance agent may give the young driver a discount on auto coverage. During the appointment, it would also be wise for a parent to evaluate the family's current auto insurance policy. There may be some unnecessary items in the policy that could be dropped in order to save money. Of course, a parent should always talk over the wisdom of any changes with the insurance agent.A young person who is a new driver doesn't need a brand new car to go with his or her license, but a relatively new car can offer benefits in terms of auto insurance coverage. For instance, a car that has various safety devices such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, or even GPS may merit a lower rate when the price of auto insurance is being calculated by an agency. In other words, a young driver who drives a car with modern safety devices is likely to get auto insurance at a reasonable price. Not only will a parent be saving money on auto insurance costs, but a safer car for a teenager gives a parent peace of mind.When searching for auto insurance for a young driver in Memphis, a parent should keep an eye on special deals that serve to lower auto insurance costs. For example, a family's current insurance agency may have discounts for young drivers who work hard in school to earn high grades. Also, a young person with a safe driving record may be eligible for some auto insurance discounts. A parent is wise to look for any opportunities to reduce the auto insurance bill for a young driver.

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