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auto loanyes u can im 17 and i got a loan on a Toyota Supra
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Q: Can a 16-year-old get an auto loan if they have a parent who will cosign for them?
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How does cosigning for an auto loan affect your ability to get your own auto loan?

Never cosign a loan. While I agree that one should NOT cosign. cosigning can hurt or help. Remember that if they do not pay you have to. Cosigning will affect your credit and count towards your debt to income ratio and show as an open joint auto loan. You might be turned down to get your own auto loan without a cosigner if you cosign.

Can you be seventeen and have a cosigner cosign for an auto loan?

i was able to get an auto loan with the help of a cosigner and im under 18

Can you get a auto loan but put the car in someone else name?

You can cosign but both names will be on title.

Can someone you live with cosign an auto loan?

Yes. It depends on their credit history and willingness to co-sign and take responsibility for your loan.

Can an employer co-sign for a student loan?

Yes, an employer can cosign for a student loan. Any one can cosign for a student loan if they meet the requirements.

Can a minor cosign on a loan?

absolutely not. Minors are not able to cosign any loans, only an adult (eighteen years or older) is aloud to cosign a loan. the law states that any minor is not responcible for the repayment of any loan.

If you cosign an auto loan for your child why does the dealership say that the car has to go under your insurance?

Only the dealership can tell you why they have made this requirement.

Can you cosign a loan if you live out-of-province?


Can a minor cosign a loan with someone other than his or her legal guardian?

If you are a minor, you cannot LEGALLY cosign or sign any loan/contractual agreement.

If you cosign a student loan will you still be eligible for a student loan for yourself?


Can you cosign on an auto loan if you financed a car recently?

Yes, as long as the person you are co-signing for has an income. The rule is one income one loan two incomes two loans.

Can you cosign a car loan in a different state?


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