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no way

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Q: Can a 17-year-old sign themselves into high school without a parent or guardian in pennsylvaina?
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Can a 17-year-old girl move out without parental consent in Pennsylvaina to go to another state?


How old do you have to be to take medicine without a guardian?

Legally you must be at least 18 years old to take medicine without a guardian.

Can you become a guardian without a account?


Can an 11 year old be questioned by police at school without a parent or guardian?

It is illegal for a minor to be searched or questioned without a parent or guardian present.

How did Pennsylvaina get its nickname?

its nick name being, the key state, when we only had the thirteen colonys, pennsylvaina was in the middle, there for, most things in the middle held the rest together, there fore it held all of the colonys together, being the key state, without it everything would fall apart

Can a 16 year old be emancipated without permission of their legal guardian in Texas?

Permission is not required for the court to issue an order of emancipation. It may be possible to get it if they have a means of supporting themselves.

Is there a legal age in WI at which you can be in a bar without a parent or guardian?

21 without your parents.

Can a minor be issued a subpeona without a parent or guardian present?

No a minor must have a legal parent or guardian present in the court. The subpeona is for their case and their name will be on it, but they have to have a parent or guardian with them in the court.

How do you get on too adventure quest without it being a guardian when its full?

You can't. You MUST be a Guardian to play AdventureQuest when the slots are full. Sorry.

How can you use guardian Elma without butterfly dagger Elma?

you can use guardian Elma without butterfly dagger by using and effect of a magic, trap or effect monster that allows you to special summon a monster

Can a girl move out of her home in bc without parental and guardian consent her guardian is her mother?

Not until she is 18or if she gets early emancipation by the court.

Does my wife have the right to appoint someone as a guardian of my child without my consent?

No. Your wife cannot appoint a legal guardian for your children. Only a court can appoint a legal guardian. If the guardianship is voluntary (and not ordered by the court) you and your wife must consent and join in the petition to have a guardian appointed.

Can a nine year old be arested without a parent or guardian?


Can you become a guardian in dragonfable without paying real money?

You cannot.

Can you get married at the age of 17 without a guardian signing?

No, not until you are 18.

What does a guardian represent in the bible?

Well it to me angels were guardians of the Garden where Adam and Eve sinned. Also a guardian to the prison ( Peter was guarded by lots of guardians but an angle guardian led him out without the guardians to the prison knowing )

How can you be formerly assigned to be your mentally impaired wife's guardian?

You must hire a family attorney who will proceed with all the steps necessary to have you made the woman's guardian. You cannot do this without an attorney and a judge declaring you are the legal guardian.

Can father be put in nursing home without your permission?

Unless you are the legal guardian of your father, yes. There is no requirement that he get your permission. And if someone else is guardian, it is their decision.

How do mollusks without shells protect themselves?

by protecting themselves

What do you do if you have submitted your AIEEE form without having it signed by your guardian?

You will not be able to submit it or it will come back to you and you must get it signed by a parent or guardian if you are not 18 years of age.

Can one legal guardian switch a child's school without consent of the other legal guardian?

The answer to that would normally be covered in the custody agreement that the guardians signed.

Can a 16-year-old be emancipated without permission of their legal guardian in Georgia?


Can police question a minor?

Not without consent or the presence of a legal guardian in the US.

What is the legal age to live alone without a parent or guardian in UK?


Can guardian press charges without minors consent?

The 'minor' has no say in the matter.