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The rules vary from state to state. I would expect that formal notice is going to have to be given to the parents.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old who lives in a different state than their parents get emancipated and move to another state?
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Can you move in with another family if you are emancipated?

yes you can. just as long as you have your parents sig.

In the state of Louisiana can you place yourself in the custody of another adult without your parents' permision?

You can get emancipated. File at the local courthouse. * Being placed in the custody of another person and being emancipated are two different things. A minor doesn't get to decide who has custody of them. The only way a court will remove custody from your parents is if they have been proven to be unfit in some manner. As far as emancipation, in the state of Louisiana if your parents don

Do you have to be emancipated to move out from your parents at the age 16 in Alberta?

Do you have to be emancipated to move out from your parents at the age 16 in alberta?

How old does a girl have to be to move out of her house with out her parents?

18 without being emancipated. Each state has different laws for how to be emancipated and how early it can be done and under what circumstances.

Can a 16 year old be emancipated?

Yes you can you just have to go to court but it cost a lot money to get emancipated I am 17 and wanted to get emancipated but I don't have the money and my parents wont pay for it so I am just going to have to wait another year.

Can you get emancipated and get money given to you by your parents?

No. An emancipated minor is required to support themselves through gainful employment and not by their parents or public assistance.

If your parents give the permission to be emancipated can you be emancipated?

Yes, if a judge of competent jurisdiction agrees.

What are emancipated minors?

Emancipated minors are minors who have been legally released from the control of their parents.

What happens if you get emancipated from both my parents and want to move in with my stepmom and something bad happpens like my parents trying to get me?

if youre emancipated from your parents they have no legal grounds to detain you.

What does the term emancipated mean?

The word emancipated has many different meanings. It can mean that one has been set free from a regulation, such as a law. It can also mean the setting free of a child from their parents.

Is a 17 year old in Michigan allowed to legally live on their own without having to be emancipated?

No. If your parents allow it, you can move in with another person. You cannot own property without being emancipated.

Can you move out at 16 if you have a job and can support yourself?

If your parents give you permission or if you are emancipated. If you are not emancipated, your parents will have to sign any legal documents, such as a lease, for you.

What are the legal qualifications to get emancipated from your parents in the state of Georgia?

I'm 16 and emancipated. I'm married. But here's the catch you DO need parents consent.

How can you get emancipated without a parent's consent?

First you have to contact the family court, ask for a petition to be emancipated from your parents. If you are self sufficiant and can provide on your own, you can be emacipated. Which means your parents are no longer responsible for you financially. Eash state may have different laws that apply.

If your parents are illegal can you be emancipated?

Another oddly phrased question. People (including parents) are not illegal, only actions can be illegal. Perhaps you mean, if your parents are criminals, can you be emancipated? The usual remedy if you have parents who are criminals, would be for you to be placed in the care of some other relative, or failing that, to become a ward of the state. Emancipation takes place for other reasons than the mere lack of a guardian. Are your parents trying to rob you of your rightfully earned money? Then perhaps you deserve to be emancipated.

Do you have to carry medical insurance on an emancipated child in Indiana?

No. Emancipated children have no legal ties to their parents.

How do to get emancipated from my parents at 22?

You don't have to do anything. You were emancipated when your reached the age of majroity in your state or country.

In NC are you emancipated from your parents when you become pregnant?

No, not in any state are you emancipated because you are pregnant or had a baby.

How do you get emancipated from the state of Utah at the age of 18?

You can't be emancipated from a state. If you live in Utah, you are a Utah resident. If you don't want to be a Utah resident, you'll have to move to another state. You can be emancipated from your parents in Utah - however, if you are 18 this is not necessary. Just by turning 18 you are legally an adult and your parents do not have legal ward over you. Get a job, move out - they cant stop you.

Can i move out of my parents house when I'm 16?

you can get emancipated then move out but that requires having a good case to get emancipated

Can you divorce your parents?

No. A divorce is the dissolution of a marriage.

How can you get emancipated in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas a person who is 16 years old can be emancipated with permission from their parents. The only exception to this is if the parents are ruled incompetent or are physically abusive.

When a 17 year old female decides to move out of her parents house in Missouri is she considered emancipated and does it free her parents of further responsibility?

She is not yet an adult at 17. No, she is not emancipated and her parents are still responsible for her.

Can you move out of your parents house when you are 16?

Yes with parental consent or if you have been emancipated by the court. It can vary with different countries but this is the law in the US.

When can a girl leave her parents in missouri?

When you are 18 and emancipated.