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yes it could have two cat convertors. Never heard of an exaust regulator, though AFAIK some nominal regulation is done by the cat convertor, and muffler. Typically called 'back-pressure'. Thoretically, if there were a regulator on your exaust and it was removed, I suspect it would cause erroneous data on some engine sensors resulting in poor performance, probably gas milage, or power loss.

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Q: Can a 1991 Lincoln town car have two catalytic converters if not would the other be a regulator if it is what will happen to the car if they are both cut off by a marvelous mechanic?
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Where is a Catalytic converter on 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer?

I'm not a mechanic, but I have a check engine light going off in my car and the mechanic I saw recently showed me a diagram. There are 2 catalytic converters, and two oxygen sensors; 1 in the engine, and one near the end of the exhaust. Hope that helps.

How many catalytic converters are on a 2000 Lincoln LS V6?

theres two according to my mechanic and u can not get a universal either u kinda need to get a full set from Lincoln itself. Im about to change mine and its a little pricie im lookin at 600 just the catalytic coverter

How do you check your catalytic converter?

Take your car to a certified mechanic and have it checked.

Check Engine Light came on in your 2002 Nissan Sentra mechanic checked code said it was an oxygen sensor had it replaced 3 times light keeps coming on What should you do?

It might be the catalytic converters. My 2002 had the check engine light on and it was a bad cat.

What does a mechanic charge for a catalytic converter for a mercury villager?

The Villager has two converters. The whole front converter/pipe assembly sells for around $300 or so, (NON-California), the rear converter for around $150, also NON-California. Generic converters can be installed as well by welding them into the existing pipes, this should cost no more than $150 each. California models require different converters certified for that state, and may also have additional converters attached to the exhaust manifolds. These can be VERY expensive, up to $1000 each.

Where are the catalytic converters?

if your car has duel exhaust, they should be located a foot or two away from the headers, since the exhaust heat makes them work. They have to be cut off by a mechanic, and new ones welded back on as well. They should be closer to the engine then the muffler, around the transmission in an impala. hope this helps

Your mechanic said that your engine light is on because of the catalytic conv is there a sensor on it that would throw the code?

A failed oxygen sensor could possibly cause a catalytic converter fault code.

Do gm mufflers contain platinum?

Actually it is not the muffler that contains platinum it is the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter (or "cat" as muffler shops and mechanic's call them) is usually in front of the muffler.

How often should a catalytic converter be replaced on a 2002 Impala LS?

only need to replace if it is clogged up or burned out.if a mechanic tells you it needs replacing at x amount of miles, he is just after your money. catalictic converters are very expensive to buy,so unless it is causing a problem,LEAVE IT ALONE

Replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion how do I replace the actuator on a Ford Fusion 2006 with power windows?

To replace the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion, you must engage a mechanic.

How do you replace front window regulator 2003 volks wagon bug convertible?

the VW regulator system is very difficult to DIY. It is very well be worth your time to take it to a mechanic

Is there a voltage regulator in a ford 2003 f250 7.3 diesel engine?

Yes , I'm not a mechanic / technician but i believe the voltage regulator is on the back of the alternator I am a mechanic / technician at ford and first answer is kinda correct... It's internal to the alternator. If suspecting a regulator issue replace the entire unit as a whole. No other components to mess with. Good luck.

Can a mechanic legally work on an exhaust system that has had the catalytic converter removed?

I would not touch it except to install a converter.

What might cause noises coming from the undercarriage of the car?

a mechanic heard a rattling under my 95 and said it was a small hole in my muffler pipe and it will get bigger if i dont weld it but someone else said the pipe was loose and knocking on the clamp 50k ago, I had to remove the heat shields from the catalytic converters. Took care of it!

Can you replace catalytic converter on 1998 dodge durango?

Yes, as a mechanic at a Dodge dealer I have replaced a few of them.Yes, as a mechanic at a Dodge dealer I have replaced a few of them.

Replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion replacing a regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion Power Window-?

Chilton repair manuals for the Ford Fusion 2006 will show someone with mechanical experience how to repair the regulator. It would be best to take the vehicle to a mechanic if the owner does not have mechanical experience. This will insure that the regulator is repaired properly.

How long does it take to replace a catalytic converter?

Well the process it's different from one vehicle to another and from one mechanic to another… When a catalytic converter it's removed depends how fast you can have proper access to it and how fast the burned/rusted bolts can be removed! Also depends how lazy the mechanic is!

Who is responsible the mechanic or the customer if the mechanic has a breakin and the catalytic converter is stolen off customers car the mechanic or the customer?

The mechanic. He should have liability insurance to cover it. A lot of the service tickets have fine print about the shop not being responsible for fire theft, or other damage. So if you have signed a ticket, they may not be responsible.

What does an external regulator on your bronco do?

It regulates the voltage that your alternator receives and sends! You can purchase a Chevrolet alternator that has an eternal regulator in it and by-pass the external one. You'll have to find out from a mechanic to see which one will work. I did know but now I don't remember.

How many hours will it take to unclog the catalytic converter on my 1996 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.2?

You can not unclog it. You will have to replace it and that will take a mechanic about 2.5 hours.You can not unclog it. You will have to replace it and that will take a mechanic about 2.5 hours.

Replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion replacing a regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion Power Window?

When someone has some experience in repairing vehicles they can purchase a Chilton repair manual for the Ford Fusion to learn how to repair the regulator. If they do not have mechanical experience they should let a mechanic fix this to be certain it is repaired properly.

How much does it cost to replace the catalytic converter in a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero?

depends where you go.a regular mechanic charge $1000 original part and labor.

Where is the O2 sensor on a Ford Explorer and can a backyard mechanic replace it?

There are 4 total oxygen sensors on a ford explorer. Two of them being before the catalytic (Pre-cat, closest to the front of the vehicle), and the other 2, after the catalytic (post-cat). You have to first figure out which bank the bad reading is coming from, then you have to determine if its post-cat, or pre-cat, most autoparts store will be able to tell you if your "CHECK ENGINE" light is on. ?ake sure when purchasing an oxygen sensor for your explorer, that it is HEATED, otherwise nothing will match up underneath. There are 2 sensors between the converters and the manifold. Also, between the catalytic and the muffler. Hope I could help!

Does a catalytic converter affect air conditioner in a VW Jetta?

No. A catalytic converter is part of the exhuast system. This is true for all vehicles. If you have problems with you air conditioner you should have a mechanic inspect the components. Any repair will cost you at least $75USD but could cost over $500USD.

My ind. mechanic said the check engine light on my 2001 Mazda 626 4-cylinder is due to a faulty catalytic converter Is there a code for this -I need to know before I go to the dealer - Thanks?

P0420, P0430 Catalyst efficiency failure The Oxygen sensors that are after the Catalytic converter monitor the efficiency of the catalytic converter. Several codes can be for this. It is impossible to say what the code is. Try going to a auto parts store and having the code read and see what they say. Good luck. Brad. -I just had my O2 sensor replaced, the light came on again. I got the catalytic converters replaced the next day. The light just came on this morning after driving 200 miles without it being on. What else could it be, I don't know. Good luck though.