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Absolutely not!

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โˆ™ 2005-12-03 21:38:06
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Q: Can a 450 Marlin Guide Gun fire 45-70 ammo?
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Will a Marlin Model 1895 chambered for 45 70 fire 45 Colt ammo?

Do not try this!

Will a Marlin Model 1895 chambered for 45-70 fire 45 Colt ammo?

If it is chamberd for it, yes.

What kind of ammo does a marlin lever action 3030 take?

It will fire the 30-30 win.marked ammo.This will be visable on the box of cartridges that you will buy.

Can a Marlin 982vs 22 win mag rifle safely fire standard 22lr ammo?

.22 mag and .22 LR are not the same. So, no.

Fine Information on marlin 31 22calibre rim fire?

Marlin 31 is a shotgun. Marlin 81 is the rim fire .22.

Will a Marlin 1895 GBL 45-70 fire 45 ammo?

No.these are 2 very distinct cartridges,that are very different in length and power.The best thin to do is purchase a marlin model 94 cowboy in .45 colt,and then you will have the best of both worlds.

Can you fire modernday factory loads such as 32 20 and 44 40 made by Remington Winchester in an antique Marlin Mod 1889?

No you cannot, the steel and manufacturing techniques in the late 1890's cannot handle the pressures of modern 'smokeless' rounds of today. The marlin 1889 and other firearms of that period fire blackpowder cartridges. And a number of ammo companies today sell blackpowder rounds for the Marlin 1889 and other firearms. You can go to and other internet ammo sites to get it. However...before you fire any antique, get it checked over by a good gunsmith to make sure it is mechanically and otherwise safe to shoot.

Will a 44 bulldog shoot 357 ammo?

No. You should never try to load or fire any ammo into a gun other than what it is designed to fire. A .44 caliber gun is designed to fire .44 caliber ammo.

What ammo can you fire from the SW 915?


How do you determine age of marlin fire arms?

Brophy's book on Marlin History has sn information.

Did marlin make the national fire arms pump shotguns?

I am not sure, but most of what I have read on the net leads me to believe that Marlin made National fire arms designs after National fire arms closed down. I have a National Fire arms 12 ga. pump, and it has absolutely no markings that indicate marlin had anything to do with it.

Can you fire 32 caliber ammo out of a 38 caliber revolver?

Generally speaking, no, and, you should never try to fire any ammo from a gun other than what it is designed to fire. You may be able to get it to fire, but you could damage the gun or hurt yourself.

Why does the diameter of 32 center fire ammo seem too large and won't chamber in a Marlin 1892?

if it's early production the bullet diameter is only .313. later production guns use a larger diameter bullet.

Can a sig 226 fire plus p ammo?


Can you fire 380 cal ammo in a 38 cal pistol?


What do they plug the barrel with to make it fire blank ammo?


Will .38 automatic ammo fire from a 380 automatic pistol?


What is the age of a marlin model 92 serial number 400892 with the marlin fire arms co on the barrel?

85 years

Can you fire 44 magnums in a 444 marlin BFR revolver?

No. Even if they did, it wouldn't be safe to fire them.

What size ammunition can a marlin model 80g fire?


Can a rossi .38 fire p ammo?

Check the owner's manual.

Can rossi 223 shoot 5.56 with out problems?

you can fire both 5.56 and .223 ammo in a rifle chambered in 5.56...but not the other way around! In a rifle marked .223, you should fire .223 ammo only

In ninja town what do the green forest ninjas fire at their enemies?

there called sniper ninjas and they fire sling shot ammo

Is 32 cal ammo the same as 32 20 cal in center fire?


Where can you find rim fire ammo for a 41 Swiss?

Do an internet search for a start.