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Can a 94 Ford Tempo run on E85 Ethanol?


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No. E85 requires a vehicle to be designed to run it. It requires different internal engine componets, such as valves, and different computer stradegies such as timing and air/fuel metering. E85 is cheaper, but there really isn't any econmic benefit to the consumer to run E85. Because while it may be cheaper to buy, it gets significantly less miles per gallon. It isn't as efficient, so you burn way more fuel.


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most vehicles from 1992 to current are able to run on e85 ethanol

It isn't designed to do that. Running E85 could damage the engine.

You can run only gasoline with 5% Ethanol no more which means no E85.

( IF YOU HAVE THE 3.0 L FFV ENGINE ) ! - you can use E85 ethanol / regular unleaded 87 octane / or any combination of the 2 fuels i have a 99 ford ranger 3.0 five speed manual ffv engine and it will not run e85 at all it runs it to lean.

Yes it will run on 10% ethanol fuel. Do not try E85.

Maybe, if it is a 2.7L and there is a E85 sticker inside the gas door. If not no, it would damage the fuel system.

Vechiles that can run on an ethanol blend (commenly called E85) are already for sale. Most major car companies have models that have that particular feature.

The 3.0 L flexible fuel version will run on regular unleaded gas - 87 octane , or E85 ethanol , or any combination of the 2 fuels

Modern engines can run some Ethanol. Modern gasoline engines are now set up to run E10, which is a mixture of 10% ethanol. To use higher percentages like E85, which is 85% Ethanol, engines need appropriate seals, hoses and engine settings (timing, etc.). Vehicles set up to run E85 have been selling for a number of years and are sold as "Flex Fuel" vehicles. Such vehicles have a fuel sensor in the fuel line to monitor the mix of gasoline and ethanol present and adjust the engine appropriately for the fuel being used. Either all gasoline can be used or any mixture of ethanol up to 85% ethanol (E85). Running E85 in a vehicle not set up for this mixture will damage seals and fuel lines.

Nothing over E15 (15% ethanol) and it should be fine. It could run on E85 (85% ethanol) in an emergency, but it may damage fuel system components.

If you have the FLEXIBLE FUEL version of the 3.0 L engine . Look for a sticker inside your fuel filler door indicating it is a FFV or check your VIN . If the 8th "character" of your VIN is a "K" it is a flexible fuel vehicle . You can run unleaded gas - 87 octane , or E85 ethanol , or any combination of the two fuels .

If there isn't a sticker on or near the gas cap that says E85, or flex fuel it is not recommended to run E85. A 10% mixture that is sold at most gas pumps is ok.

in a carborator engine (like a lawn mower) you can adjust the choke to make it run properly, but in a car it wouldn't work right unless you were using E85 ethanol and it was a FlexFule car

I don't believe so , 1999 was the first year that Ford Rangers offered the 3.0 L FFV engine option that allowed you to run E85 or regular unleaded 87 octane , or any combination of the 2 fuels

No ( according to the 1999 Ford Expedition Owner Guide your vehicle is designed to run on " regular " unleaded gasoline , 87 octane )

No. A 1999 Ram is not equipped to run on E85.

If you mean E85 then NO , but it can be converted to run on propane

the engine in a 84 ford laser is not ethanol compatible & will run like a sack of crap if you use fuel that contains any ethanol

If you have the 3.0 liter FFV ( flexible fuel vehicle ) engine

No. do not use E85 in a Liberty. It does not have the proper software or fuel system components to run on E85.

The Ford Tempo was introduced as a 1984 model to replace the Ford Fairmont. Then it was replaced by the 1995 Contour. That's a production run of 10 years. (1984-1994).

A2. Try this #8 v/u? A1. E15 is the highest you can run: there is a code in the VIN that will tell you if your vehicle can run E85.

NO - it uses "regular" unleaded 87 octane

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