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Wood will not accept any kind of electrical charge.

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Q: Can a AA battery charge a car made out of wood?
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How many amps do you need to charge a car battery?

To charge a car battery you need aproximatly 8000 amps To charge a car battery you need aproximatly 8000 amps

How car battery will charge through microwave?

You can not charge a battery in the microwave.

Can you charge a dead battery by getting a second car that is running take the good battery out of the running car and put the dead battery into the running car as a means of charging it?

No, this will place a very heavy load on the alternator of the car and may result in burning out the diodes of the car charging the battery. You could easily ruin the alternator. Purchase a battery charger and charge the dead battery with that. Alternators are not made to charge dead batteries.

Charge a car without a battery?

You can start a car without a battery if you hook up a jump pack or use jumper camples but it could fry your alternator. It is pointless to charge a car without a battery. When you charge the car you are charging the battery.

What is a car battery made of from outside?

charge batteries with caps in place.most U.S.A batteries are made with flame.

Can you charge a lawn mower battery from a car battery?

NO You have to many AMPS from a car, you can jump start it butdon't charge it.

Can you charge an old car battery?

Yes. That's what car battery chargers are for.

Will a microwave charge a car battery?


How do you charge a car battery out of the car?

wth a charger

What does a trickle charger do to a battery?

A trickle charger is a car battery charger that is designed to be left on a car for very long periods of time to re-charge that car battery by slowly adding charge to the battery.

How do you recondition a car battery?

add water and charge the battery

Do you have to disconnect a battery from the car to hook it to a charger?

No, you can charge the battery while it's in the car.

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