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Who is the legally recognized father? The U.S. citizen? If not, it may be advisable to get documentation indicating she is legally permitted to have the child immigrate to U.S. An Immigration attorney in the Philippines familiar with these particular circumstances is a good choice in this situation.

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What process do lawyers use to obtain a fiancee visa?

"in order to obtain a fiancee visa, you must first file a petition with USCIS, after this is processed the fiancee must interview at a government immigration office."

What paperwork is required to move a female from the Philippines to US for the purpose of marriage?

Fiancee visa is the best and easiest to obtain.

How can your fiancee from Mexico and you obtain a marriage license in Iowa if he is illegal?

You cannot obtain a marriage license unless he is legal. It would be best to focus on him obtaining citizenship so you can get married.

Where can one obtain an attorney for fiancee visas?

Usually in government buildings. If one of the two people is resident in a certain country the government is more likely to accept and give the visa to the fiancee. For instruction visit the town hall of the city.

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What if a filipino couple working in Dubai gave birth in US does the child obtain a US citizenship?


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Can a foreigner obtain Filipino citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of the Philippines?

No, since same-sex marriage is not legal in the Philippines.

Can you obtain a marriage license if you are already married?

No, you cannot get a license if you are already married. It would mean you have to lie on the application, which is perjury. And to execute it would be bigamy.

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If you are separated from your wife for more then 6 years are we already divorced?

no, you must obtain a legal divorce through the courts.

How can an Englishman marry a Filipino man?

Any Filipino man or a specific one?First of all, same-sex marriage is not legal in the Philippines. It is legal in England, Wales and Scotland, but not Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, however, you can have a UK registered partnership that has the same rights and responsibilities as marriage, only that it is not called a "marriage." You should be able to obtain what is commonly called a "fiance(e) visa" for your intended husband, but he would not be able to obtain one for you.So, the steps as I see them are:Meet a nice Filipino guy and fall in love;Obtain a fiance visa for him to come to England;Marry in England;Live together as spouses; andWhen appropriate, file for naturalization of your husband based on his relationship with you and his time of legal residency in the UK.

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