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Your creditor most likely holds the car title and/or there is a lien on your title. So, you will be unable to transfer title without paying the lien. The easiest thing to do is to bring your payments up to date and then to sell the car if payments are too high for you to manage on a regular basis.

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Does a general warranty deed that is alread transferred to grantor protect it from the previous owners creditors?

First, property is transferred by deed to the grantee. If the property is transferred to avoid creditors the creditors can still attach it through a court process. If there are already judgment liens, tax liens and mortgage liens recorded against the property then you would acquire it subject to those liens. They do not go away if you transfer the property to someone else.

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What are Trade Creditors?

person(s) to whom you bought goods on credit and who will invoice you trade creditors is therefore a liability (money that you owe to someone)

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What is a default?

A default is when someone does meet the terms on an agreement. When it comes to repossession, it means they missed 1 or more payments on a loan.

How can you specify someone as your default approver?

When I select that person as an approver, select the Set Selection as Your Default Approver check box

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Is it illegal to request someone elses credit report?

No. This is done all the time by creditors.

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When a debtor lends money to someone else, he becomes a creditor. noura.

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What is the statute of limitation on suing someone for default on a personal loan in NC?


Are you safe from creditors if you buy the assets of someone in bankruptcy without knowing they are bankrupt?

No, you are not. When someone files bankruptcy the title to their property is held by the trustee in bankruptcy. The bankrupt cannot sell any property therefore, if they do, the title is not clear. You may lose the property to the creditors if someone tracks it down. You would then be out of the property and any money you paid for it.

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What is Shall not be in default?

"Shall not be in default" is a phrase used in contracts and other formal agreements to delineate between simply being late to pay someone, and actually being in default to them. An example might be to say that rent is due on the first of the month, but the lessee shall not be in default until the fifteenth.

What kind of agreement is a credit default swap?

The agreement for a credit default swap is a document that states the buyer will reimburse the holder in the event of a loan default or other credit event. This is essentially insurance against someone not paying you what you are owed.

What does it mean to have a guarantor on an auto loan?

A cosigner- someone who agreesto pay the loan if you default