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If you bought the vehicle you cannot return it period. The Buyers Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle. You bought it an you own it.

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Q: Can a car be returned to the dealer in Illinois within 72 hours?
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Can you return a car in Illinois within 24 hours of purchase?

You cannot return a car in Illinois within 24 hours of purchasing it as many have believed in the past. You can however contact the dealer to report safety issues that you have noticed within this time for warranty work.

Can you return a used car in minnesota within 72 hours of purchase?

In Minnesota, a used car cannot be returned within 72 hours of purchase. Once the contract has been signed, the car cannot be returned anymore.

What NY law allows a new auto return to dealer within 72 hours due to bate switch tactics?

A lemon law claim in NYÊallows car buyers to return a new auto to a dealer within 72 hours due to a bait and switch. It is difficult to return a car once a contract has been signed, but if the car is not performing as described by the dealershipÊit could be returned with some effort.Ê

Can a dealer charge 250.00 when you never took the truck home?

A dealer can charge a restocking fee if a truck is driven off the car lot, and returned within a few hours or a few days. Actually, $250.00 is cheaper than most car or truck dealers would charge for this service.

Can you return a new car within 72 hours in Colorado if not satisfied?

can you return a used car to dealer within 72 hrs in colorado?

Can you return a used car within 48 hours of purchase?

Yes, in most states an used car can be returned within 48 to 72 hours of purchase. You will need to find out the lemon laws in your state.

Can you return a newly purchased vehicle back to the dealer within twenty four hours in the state of Louisiana?

No, you cannot.

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Can you return a used car in GA within 120 hours with a bailment agreement signed and a contract signed if the dealer is not up-holding the amount within the contract?

You can return your used car, in the state of Georgia, within 72 hours of signing the contract. 120 hours after signing the contract will require a determination by a circuit court judge.

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If you bought a motorcyle with a down payment can it be returned within 48 hours?

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Can you return a used car to the dealer within 72 hours?

Most states have "no-cooling off" periods for automobile purchases if the transaction took place at the dealership.

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