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You're not considered a legal adult in the eyes of the law until age 18, generally speaking. As such, you cannot enter into a binding contract as a juvenile. It has been done, however, by unwise merchants. They find the hard way -- usually in small claims court -- that any contract a juvenile signs isn't considered legally binding.

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Q: Can a car be signed in your name at age 17?
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In which states is the age of majority 17 and does that mean you can put your name on a lease or does it still have to be signed by someone over 18?

There is no state where the age of majority is 17. A 17-year-old (unless they have emancipated) cannot legally enter into a contract.

Legal age to buy car in GA?

In the state of GA, the legal age to buy a car is 17. However, with parental assistance, a child of any age can buy a vehicle, as long as the car is in the parent's name.

What age did Japanese people get to drive a car?

Age 17

I gave my 17 old daughter my car she's moving out Am I responsible can I put the title in her name?

A car cannot be put in a minor's name, and at age 17 she is still a minor. When she turns 18 you can then put the car in her name, and she will be responsible for the insurance and any damages from any accidents she may have.

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What age can you drive a car at in Scotland?

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Can a 17 yr buy a car and then try and return it but also lied about her age?

A 17 year old needs the consent of a guardian or parent in order to but a car. The 17 year old has to provide a drivers' license at the car dealership so they will know the real age.

Can a 17-year old get a car on finance?

can you get a cra on finance at 17 years of age

What age do you have to be to drive a car in Ireland?

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What is the minimum age you are legally allowed to drive a car in England?


Can you rent a car at age 17 in San Jose?

no not at all in the UK

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You can start driving at age 17.

What is minimum age to buy a car in Missouri?

The minimum age to buy a car in Missouri is 18. However, a 17 year old in that state is allowed to actually own a car.

What does car insurance 17 mean?

Car insurance 17 means car insurance that is specifically for 17 year olds and new drivers who may find it difficult to find insurance due to their age and lack of experience. Car Insurance 17 ensures that drives aged 17 can find affordable insurance.

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Can you drive a car at age of 16?

yes, but in new jersey you need to be 17.

Can a 17 year get his own car registered?

No, a 17 year old can not get a car registered in his own name. The person who registers the car must have insurance in their name. Insurance is given to people 18 years and older.

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The current legal age limit to drive a car in the UK is 17 (16 for those who are eligible through disability), there is no upper age limit.

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